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Top 15 Locations for Bitcoin Mining Around the World

Close up image of a piece of Bitcoin in a Bitcoin mining rig
By Augustine Mbam - May 13, 2024 - 5 Mins Read

El Salvador

 A view of the market on Calle Poniente, in San Salvador, El Salvador.
Market in Calle Poniente, San Salvador | Chrispictures/Shutterstock


President Nayib Bukele's initiatives spearheaded El Salvador's crypto innovation. In 2021, El Salvador made headlines by becoming the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, which aimed to change its economy. 

One of President Bukele's ambitious projects includes creating "Bitcoin City," powered by volcanic geothermal energy, which shows the nation's commitment to sustainable mining practices. Moreover, El Salvador distributed $30 worth of Bitcoin to every citizen and encouraged the use of Bitcoin wallets to drive mass adoption.

Despite criticism and protests, President Bukele's efforts have drawn attention within the crypto community. Bitcoin mining in the country has attracted mining companies, and its shares of global Bitcoin mining has increased steadily.

The regulatory environment in El Salvador remains favorable towards crypto enterprises, setting an example for other nations. This progressive act, innovative projects, and a willingness to take risks position El Salvador as a promising destination for crypto investors. El Salvador contributes about 3.5% of the global Bitcoin mining market's growth, using its geothermal resources and favorable energy tariffs.