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Top 15 Locations for Bitcoin Mining Around the World

Close up image of a piece of Bitcoin in a Bitcoin mining rig
By Augustine Mbam - May 13, 2024 - 5 Mins Read


City view of Ethiopian street in Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Hailu Wudineh TSEGAYE / Shutterstock


Ethiopia has become a promising destination for Bitcoin mining due to its low energy costs and favorable government laws towards cryptocurrency. Even though the renewable energy infrastructure in Ethiopia is limited, the country efficiently uses its hydropower resources, accounting for 90% of its energy production.

A report by Visual Capitalist shows that mining one Bitcoin in Ethiopia costs around $7,169, making it an attractive proposition for crypto ventures.

The Ethiopian government has displayed a favorable inclination toward digital currencies, as seen by a directive requiring crypto operators to register with the Information Network Security Administration.

Although Ethiopia faces challenges such as underdeveloped regulatory laws and infrastructure, its potential for Bitcoin mining remains substantial.

Investors deploying necessary infrastructure, like data centers with stable internet bandwidths, can capitalize on Ethiopia's advantageous energy tariffs and government support.