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Top 15 Locations for Bitcoin Mining Around the World

Close up image of a piece of Bitcoin in a Bitcoin mining rig
By Augustine Mbam - May 13, 2024 - 5 Mins Read

New York, USA

Statue of Liberty New York
Statue of Liberty in New York | Avi Werde/Unsplash

New York, USA, is making waves in the global crypto mining industry. It handles 19.9% of the US Bitcoin hash rate. Despite the state's reputation for high living costs, it stands tall as one of the leaders in crypto mining.

The largest Massena mining facility in the US is hosted in New York and powered by renewable sources such as wind turbines and hydroelectric dams along the St. Lawrence River. In addition, the city hosts 13 other mining companies.

Despite its advantages, the city is considering a three-year ban on crypto mining to assess its environmental impact because much of the energy used in mining comes from renewable sources. However, for now it  regulatory laws remain relatively favorable towards crypto enterprises, providing a stable environment for mining operations.