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Top 15 Locations for Bitcoin Mining Around the World

Close up image of a piece of Bitcoin in a Bitcoin mining rig
By Augustine Mbam - May 13, 2024 - 5 Mins Read

Johannesburg, South Africa


Aerial view of Johannesburg city area
Johannesburg, South Africa | Jacques Nel/Unsplash


Johannesburg, South Africa, is an unexpected location for crypto mining despite facing challenges like an unreliable power grid and political instability. It contributes a  5% percentage to Bitcoin mining, with several mining companies operating within its borders.

One of the standout ventures is a solar-powered mine run by Libertas, producing around 30 coins daily.

Despite infrastructural obstacles, Johannesburg's crypto mining industry is thriving, drawing attention to its unique usage of renewable energy and technological innovation. The city hosts notable mining companies like Luno, VALR, ICE3X, and OVEX.

Regarding regulations, South Africa has shown a positive attitude toward cryptocurrency, although it struggles with unreliable power supply and labor union issues.