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XRP to $1 — Will it Happen Now or Later?

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Ripple XRP coin, chart in the background
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Ripple XRP coin, chart in the background



If XRP were a person, they would likely feel quite relieved lately. The crypto token has faced much scrutiny and legal battles recently, particularly with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. However, it seems that some of these regulatory issues may have been resolved in court.


The SEC had accused the creators of the XRP token of selling illegal securities, but the creators maintained that they were not selling any form of securities. Fortunately for XRP, the company behind the crypto token recently achieved a significant legal victory in court.


Some sources refer to it as a "partial victory." This is because the case is still ongoing, and a final decision has yet to be made. However, the recent ruling favoring XRP was a significant setback for the SEC. Even more impactful is that this ruling resulted in a surge in Ripple's XRP token value.


Immediately Judge Analisa Torres, presiding over the case, delivered the ruling in XRP's favor, and it started a positive uproar in the crypto market. The crypto community went gaga, as it was an important step in the war between the crypto industry and regulatory authorities. There was a marvelous surge in XRP price, and even other cryptocurrencies followed the bullish trend.


Other cryptocurrencies were eager for a similar price increase to the one that occurred. Following the latest news of a lawsuit involving XRP, the token's value rose by over 60% on the monthly charts. The price of XRP has already surpassed $0.80 multiple times and is poised for further growth with just a little more momentum.


XRP monthly price chart
XRP visibly peaked after the ruling (Messari)


But this positive awakening didn't only affect XRP's price. It went into the depth of its being and turned many things around. The new ruling massively impacted market capitalization.


Before Judge Analisa Torres ruled, XRP's market cap was hovering at approximately $24.90 billion on July 12. But after the new ruling, XRP now has a market cap of more than $41 million. This is more than a $16.45 billion addition within a period of seven days.


But hold on, crypto brethren, as we have come to a crossroads. Can XRP get to $1 now, or will it happen later? 

When Will XRP Get To $1?

Since the latest XRP lawsuit news, the token has been on a blazing run. It has broken barriers and touched new levels many didn't expect to touch. Imagine increasing from $0.41 to more than $0.80! The token's performance this year has surprised even top analysts. The question now is whether XRP can sustain its momentum.

Since it started the latest bullish trends, it has also seen several reiterations. It means when the XRP price goes down, it's always quick to cover up for the losses. This shows the token is building enough capacity to withstand some of the bad market situations.


Based on current trends, XRP may soon reach the $1 mark, assuming there are no major changes. The heightened trading volume suggests that investors are regaining trust in the token.