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Are you a business-oriented individual who is seeking ways to earn extra income? You may not be alone because there is a large population of people who may be struggling to live up to their financial expectations. With an ever-increasing cost of living, there is a greater need to increase your earnings so that you may be able to foot your bills and as well plan for the future. Many people have been able to make ends meet by investing in the blockchain industry. 

There are several assets that you can trade in the financial market. The story has been delightful for many who have made a lot of money as digital asset traders. However, others may have experienced losses due to the instability of several assets. Investing in the blockchain industry is very lucrative, although it may come with its risk. 

Staying relevant and succeeding as a trader in the industry requires that you have a trusted broker who will guide you along the way. You need a trading platform that can offer you access to a variety of financial markets. The major challenge most prospective traders have is finding the right broker.

If you search on Google, you may be surprised to find several trading platforms within a few seconds. But how do you know the right broker to trust? Many traders have had experiences with scammers who have duped them of their investments by posing as legit traders. Security is a feature that every legit broker should treat with utmost priority. 

Wize Capital

Among the many brokers, one you are likely to come across is Wize Capital. Wize Capital became popular among traders and investors in the financial market as a result of its outstanding services in cryptocurrency and forex trading. Wize Capital is a relatively new entrant in the digital asset trading market, and this has led some traders to question its authenticity and capability to provide impeccable services as claimed by the broker.

In the course of this review, we shall highlight the features of Wize Capital to ascertain if trading with this broker is genuinely worth your time and investment. But before we do, let us have an overview of the Wize Capital trading platform and also see how the exchange company operates.

An Overview of Wize Capital

Wize Capital was established under the license name of Global Solutions Ltd. It offers traders an array of assets that may be traded on the platform. Wize Capital boasts of financial instruments running into thousands, thus providing traders with diversity. The company has reiterated its commitment to providing traders with unrestricted access to the financial market through a platform that is reliable, efficient, and dependable. The registration process on the platform is straightforward and may be completed within a few minutes. According to Wize Capital, you may not have to be an experienced trader before you can navigate around the trading platform because it is user friendly.

Features of Wize Capital

Several outstanding features come with the Wize Capital Trading platform, and they include the following:

A variety of trading instruments

Most traders are concerned about the availability of different trade instruments to enable them to diversify their trade. There are several thousands of tradable assets in the financial market. These assets are capable of generating revenue for traders due to price movements and other factors that may influence the value of these products.

Trading different assets also allows you to expand your trade. Some traders begin their trade with a list of assets and then gradually diversify into other instruments. Cryptocurrency and forex are two popular trading instruments that are traded on Wize Capital. The platform offers exotic currency pairs as well as major and minor currency pairs such as USD/CAD, EUR/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and EUR/USD.

Traders can also invest in stocks of some top multinational companies from all over the world. Stocks are one of the oldest assets that are traded in the financial market. Wize Capital provides a platform in trading on the stocks of companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix. Indices such as BOW 30, S&Q 500, and NASDAQ are also traded on the platform. Wize Capital has also made. Futures and bonds are available as tradable assets on their platform. 

With Wize Capital, traders may trade on a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, EOS,  Ripple, Stellar, Tether, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

A combination of different trading platforms

One aspect that is considered by traders in their selection of a broker is the available trading platforms that the broker offers. Other trading platforms may experience glitches or delays that may obstruct the trading process and cause traders to miss out on a possible trading window.

Wize Capital has incorporated the Meta trader four as its trading platform. The MT4 is predominantly used as a trading platform in the financial market. The MT4 is convenient, quick, and a multi-asset platform for trading in the financial market. With the MT4 trading platform provided by Wize Capital, traders on this exchange can trade on multiple assets within the same platform.

The MT4 is said to have an intuitive interface that is suitable for use by inexperienced professional traders. Traders are provided with their daily account statements as well as a real-time summary of their accounts. Its ability to support several languages has made it a popular choice among traders. 

Three separate versions of MT4 have been incorporated into the Wize Capital website. The desktop client is the very first trading option. Traders can download this desktop application within minutes. The desktop version offers a wide variety of technical indicators and advanced charts that may help traders in their decision-making process. 

The Web trader option is another trading platform that is offered by Wiz Capital and available on MT4. You may not need to download any application to use this option. You only require an internet-enabled device and a stable connection. The interface of the web trader platform is simple, and it offers both new and expert traders an easy way of accessing a variety of trading tools.

MT4 also has a mobile version that allows iOS and Android enabled devices to download the app from their respective app stores. The mobile version makes trading more flexible and easy to execute wherever you go.

A fast and easy registration process

The process of registering on a trading platform is as important as other relevant factors used in accessing the overall performance of a broker. Some platforms may take several days before their registration is approved. Such an action may be very frustrating for traders who may be keen on starting their trade almost immediately. It may be these brokers have various registration requirements, or they take a lot of time before an account can be approved. You may not encounter such with Wize Capital.

The registration process is straightforward. You are required to provide your necessary information like first and last name, a secure password, and the account type you wish to open. The next step is to await approval, which may be carried out in a short time.

Different types of accounts for your trading preference

An account is a feature on every exchange platform that enables traders to monitor their trading activity, check their trades, and manage their funds. Since not all traders have the same financial strength or experience, there are different account types that you may choose from. 

The difference between these accounts is their features and tools, which are offered to customers based on their account choice. There are three account types that traders may select on the Wize Capital trading platform, and they include the following:


The beginner account is the primary account that a trader may choose to open. As the name implies, the basic account is suitable for beginners who may be new to trading in the financial market. The minimum requirement that has to be deposited before starting trading with a beginner account is $250. At this deposit rate, the account may be affordable in comparison to the trading tools that are offered by the broker.

You can trade on all the available assets offered by the broker while operating a beginner account. You may also have access to live webinars online that are facilitated by financial experts to guide you through your trading journey. 

These webinars are essential in assisting traders in understanding the market trend and how to implement the appropriate trading strategy. Apart from these benefits, holders of the Beginner account may be able to utilize the daily reports on market research to improve their overall knowledge and enhance their decision-making skills.


The advanced account type is another account that can be opened on the platform. Unlike the Beginner account, the advanced account is suitable for traders with a considerable level of trading experience in the financial market. Since they have an understanding of how the market operates, they may be able to effectively utilize some of the advanced tools that come with using this account. 

The least amount that a trader may deposit on this account is $5,000. According to the broker, you can access all the features and tools available on the Beginner account as well as other additional packages. Owners of an advanced account may have access to their account managers to help them in optimizing their trade. 

You may also have access to personalized live sessions with financial experts for more information and insights. However, you are only entitled to three live sessions. The Wize Capital Online Academy is open to traders with an advanced account. The Online Academy is designed to enlighten traders about trading strategies that may be used in trading different assets.

It also contains videos of training materials that may help expand your knowledge about the financial market. Traders also have the option of utilizing the Expert Advisors feature for three months. The EAs are automated trading bots capable of carrying out trading activities on your behalf.


The expert account is the highest type of account that a trader can open on the Wize Capital trading platform. Traders who are experts and boast of a high level of experience of trading in the financial market are better suited for this type of account. An expert account offers a greater variety of tools and features to traders. You may have to deposit at least $20,000 before you can trade using an expert account. You have unrestricted access to all the tools available on the beginner and advanced account with several other outstanding benefits.

Bonuses and benefits accrued to expert account holders include unlimited interactive sessions with industry professionals. You may also get unlimited access to make use of the Expert Advisors feature. Access to the Live Trading Room is granted to expert account holders because of the enormous risk they have taken to invest a minimum of $20,000 on the platform.

Multiple options for making deposits

After completing your Wize Capital account registration, the next option for you is to begin trading. However, starting the trading process may not be possible if you do not have any funds in your Wize Capital account. Several payment options are available to you. Once you are through with creating your account, making a deposit may take just a few steps.

Firstly, you have to access the Wize Capital Deposit Portal, select your preferred payment option, and provide your payment details. You may receive a confirmation email to inform you of the pending transaction, after which your funds may be reflected in your Wize Capital account.

The fastest method you may use in making deposits into your Wize     Capital account is through the use of a credit or debit card. Both MasterCard and Visa are accepted on the platform. You may have your account instantly credited if you explore the debit or credit card payment option. The wire transfer is another payment option to consider, especially if you are depositing a large amount of money. It may take about two to seven days for the transaction to be processed, and this depends on the geographical location of your bank. There are other alternative payment solutions such as UpayCard and Moneynet that allows traders to add funds to their account and make other quick transactions. You may not be charged for depositing into your Wize Capital account.

Stress-free funds Withdrawal

Many traders have expressed their dissatisfaction with how difficult it is to withdraw funds from some trading platforms. The withdrawal process may be complicated and, in some cases, could be delayed unnecessarily. To withdraw funds from your Wize Capital account, you just simply fill out the withdrawal form, which may prompt you to provide your preferred withdrawal method and your account number. 

You may be sent a confirmation email to verify your transaction before the process withdrawal is initiated. The entire withdrawal process may take between five to ten working days four, your account to be credited with your withdrawal. 

Outstanding security measure

Trust is a significant issue that many traders face in the financial market have had to deal with. Some traders have had a problem with stolen identities, while others may have had issues with fraudsters or other forms of cyberattacks. Wize Capital claims to incorporate several unique security features to help secure traders’ investment on the platform. 

The broker ensures that they have segregated accounts used for holding their customer’s funds. The funds are also deposited with major banks across Europe to ensure maximum security. Wize Capital may have also implemented an SSL encryption technology for protecting sensitive data shared in the platform.

The “know your customer” feature is also an integral part of the extra security measure used by the broker to mitigate issues of fraud. Clients are to submit relevant and authentic documents that are verified before an account is approved. The policy to curb money laundering also plays a significant role in reducing and eliminating theft or stolen identity. To ensure this, Wize Capital makes it clear to their clients that they may not be able to make withdrawals and deposits using different names.

Excellent Customer Support

Wize Capital is said to be highly effective when it comes to offering excellent customer support services to its clients. Traders may be able to get in touch with the Wize Capital customer support team through their email, online contact form, or the phone number displayed on their website. The agents are on the ground to assist traders in minimizing any sort of inconvenience or hassle.


Wize Capital may have taken giant strides to prove to traders and investors in the financial market that they are ready for business. Their features and tools have helped many in generating income from trading in forex, cryptocurrency, and several other instruments. As a trader, you may trust this broker. It is, however, still advisable that you understand the risk and benefits involved in carrying out trading in the financial market before committing your time and money.

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