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Will Calvaria P2E Game Become the Next God's Unchained? All You Need to Know About This Blockchain Card Game

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Calvaria card game
Credit: CalvariaP2E via Twitter

If you are an ardent internet user, you have probably stumbled across blockchain gaming or seen other internet users talk about it. Blockchain games have been dubbed the game changer in the gaming ecosystem. 

Do you know what is causing the hype around it? It gives gamers power over game assets. Imagine telling the owners of Call of Duty what to do with your in-game assets. That's the flex behind blockchain games. Gamers can make money while playing the games and trade their in-game assets for money. 

Within the blockchain gaming economy, card games have gained so much prominence among blockchain gamers. The apex blockchain card game is God's Unchained, launched in 2018. Since its debut, many blockchain card games, such as Calvaria: Duel of Eternity, have queued behind the pioneer card game. 

However, the most burning question right now is, can Calvaria: Duel of Eternity take the baton from God's Unchained? 

The Apex Blockchain Card Game: Gods Unchained

Source: God's Unchained via Twitter

Gods Unchained is a decentralized free-to-play card game that allows gamers to compete against each other by assembling the best deck of cards. Not only is God's Unchained a free-to-play game, but it is also a play-to-earn game that allows gamers to earn tokens for playing the game. God's Unchained token is called GODs. 

GODs are used to reward users who maintain and build on the gaming ecosystem, which is the in-game trading currency. Apart from getting their rewards in God's Unchained token, gamers also get rare items (NFTs) that they can exchange for fiat. 

Since the launch of this card-trading game, Gods Unchained has been the pacesetter for card-trading blockchain games. Nonetheless, new and enhanced card games are springing up, including Calvaria: Duel of Eternity. 

The Next Big Thing in Blockchain Card Gaming: Calvaria 

Calvaria: Duel of Eternity has been dubbed as the upgrade for God's Unchained, and every feature about the new games makes the claim true. Like Gods Unchained, Calvaria is also a free-to-play game that allows as many gamers as possible to participate. 

The core concept of blockchain card games is mainly for gamers to assemble the best cards to win. However, Calvaria: Duel of Eternity brings so much to card gaming than just arranging the best cards. 

Calvaria: Duel of Eternity has a storyline that features other in-game actions. Imagine a card game with a storyline, mind-boggling, right? That's exactly what Calvaria: Duel of Eternity seeks to introduce to card gaming. This game also enables players to be ambassadors of crypto and card games. 

In its bid to revolutionize education in the crypto industry, it features a scholarship system that allows top participants to gain free access to educational content. The game also features an NFT marketplace that allows users to trade their NFTs and other rare collections for money. 

Calvaria token, known as RIA, has also attracted a lot of investors to the scene. About $2.85 million Calvaria tokens have been purchased by investors interested in the project, and about 8% is left to be purchased in the presale.  From all indications, Calvaria: Duel of Eternity is ready to overtake its predecessor Gods Unchained as the pace-setter in the blockchain card gaming sector.