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Understanding Memeinator - The Newly Launched Meme Killer

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Photo | Memeinator


Photo | Memeinator



What is the crypto market without meme coins? Well, as much as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and the rest are important cryptocurrencies, meme coins also play a huge role in the crypto industry.


A number of crypto traders and investors have earned fortunes by trading exclusively in meme coins. While these assets are known for their volatility, savvy traders have discovered how to capitalize on this.


They carefully time their entry into the market and then wait until the value of the meme coins reaches a specific threshold before cashing out their profits. However, there is a superior method to this approach.


Instead of waiting for a meme coin to launch before they buy fully, some investors have found a unique method of making massive profits. This is through investing in a meme coin when it is still in the pre-sale.


At this stage, the meme coin has no official assigned value yet. Upon the launch of the meme coin, a price rise led to massive profits for these traders. What if you are told that you have a similar opportunity on your hands? But do you have less than two days to execute the required process? 


Welcome to Memeinator (MMTR), which is a meme coin that is threatening to take the entire crypto industry by storm. According to the words of the developers of this meme coin, "Your meme’s survival is not up to you. It’s up to me."


The team members are introducing a meme coin that has similarities to the PEPE token rollout. As we all know, PEPE experienced a significant price increase before its eventual decline, resulting in many traders making substantial profits. The same potential exists for Memeinator (MMTR), and there is still an opportunity to invest.

What is Memeinator (MMTR)

Memeinator (MMTR) is just like the average meme coin, you know. It has no utility and was created as a joke. But here's the catch. Memeinator (MMTR) wants to change the mood of the crypto market.


If you are a keen crypto enthusiast, you should know that the crypto market has been in the mourning mood for a long time. Memeinator wants to change this mood by giving investors something to be excited about. 


According to the developers of this crypto project, they will use AI to search the web for these undesirable memes and wipe them from the face of the earth. The positive thing about this project is that they are not only talking the talk, but they are also seeing a lot of results to support their claims.


The project has a heavy influx of user sign-ups to partake in their pre-sale. Their objectives are even more staggering. This meme coin wants to reach levels many altcoins haven't attained yet. 

They claim that they want around a $1 billion market cap and listing on the leading exchanges within a few weeks of going live in the crypto industry. According to the official sources, the pre-sale of this meme coin will open on the 27th of September. They plan on selling 62.50% of the 1,000,000,000 tokens in supply.