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Whales Are Strongly Buying This ChatGPT-Influenced Token

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Turbo token logo, token chart background
Turbo token logo and chart

Crypto whales are going crazy over a meme coin that CHATGPT recommended, and many of them are already making some substantial investments in the token. The new CHATGPT token is known as TURBO, and it has been getting the attention of crypto traders, including whales.

One of the major details about this meme coin is that it was developed using CHATGPT. ChatGPT is the new AI technology, and that's what is making the new meme coin buzz. Just like Pepe, many meme coin investors will be looking forward to making a lot of profits with TURBO tokens. Since it is made using cutting-edge technology, ChatGPT, many investors automatically expect the project to succeed. 

How the Turbo Token was Created

A Twitter user named Rhett Mankind shared the journey of how they managed to create the meme coin using ChatGPT. According to the Twitter user, they  gave a prompt to ChatGPT, asking it to create the next big meme coin in the crypto industry with a budget of around $69. "I gave GPT-4 a budget of $69 and asked it to make the next great meme coin.

I will follow all instructions it gives me and document the process here. 

Follow and participate 👇," the Twitter user said on the platform. They were able to showcase how they were able to develop the logo and name of the company using ChatGPT and other related technologies. The Twitter user conducted a poll, asking users to choose the name that best suits the project. Twitter users, through a process of voting, were able to select the logo of the project and what the name would be. 

After choosing the name and logo of the project, the Twitter user further showed how they could create the tokenomics and whitepaper of the project using ChatGPT. The Twitter user stated that Pepe was one of the tokens used as a reference for creating their tokenomics. The next line of action was to develop the code of the project, which ChatGPT basically provided. In other words, ChatGPT built the project from start to finish. It was involved in the name of the project, its logo, the tokenomics and whitepaper, and even the code of the project. This has been the major attraction to TURBO tokens.


Whales Making Huge Investments in TURBO Token 

Whales have been making huge investments in the TURBO token since it became a reality from ChatGPT. One of the whales that have made huge moves on TURBO is BTC12 Capital (leishen.eth), which spent about 600 ETH or $1.14 million, to purchase 645 million TURBO tokens. When the transaction occurred, the tokens were bought at a price of $0.001773 on May 6 and 7. Another whale made a purchase of TURBO tokens recently. 

Named RookieXBT, the whale purchased a whopping 61 million Turbo tokens for $0.00146. These tokens were worth 48 ETH or $71,000. Many reports suggest that whales consider the token a better version of the Pepe token. And since it was made with sophisticated technology like ChatGPT, the interest of many investors has increased.