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Whales Are Massively Accumulating These 3 New Tokens — Should You Add to Your Portfolio?

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Credit: imd.org |

The crypto industry suffered a massive breakdown in 2022 as many calamities caused a bear market. However, within the first month of 2023, many things are changing, as few bullish trends have been witnessed among several cryptocurrencies. 

Many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have witnessed several price surges since the year started. But there are other projects on which many whales crypto investors keep tabs. So the next question that comes to mind is, what cryptocurrencies are crypto whales investing in? 

Don't forget that investing in cryptocurrencies is at the investors' risk. So, whatever is written here is merely suggestions about the crypto market, not investment advice. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose in the crypto market. 

At this stage of the crypto market, profitable projects aren't based around Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead, massive projects have been popping out around decentralized finance, Web3, and many other sectors in the crypto industry. 

Nevertheless, whenever you invest in any of these projects, you should evaluate their real-life applications and the problems they solve. Nowadays, only crypto projects with real utility survive the numerous price fluctuations in the crypto market. 

This is the primary reason you should pay attention to these new tokens, which crypto whales have accumulated since the year started. 

Fight Out (FGHT), Made for Fitness Lovers

For any crypto project to remain relevant and survive the crypto market, it must have a real-life impact. For example, fight Out (FGHT) is a new token for those enthusiasts of fitness. In its bid to revolutionize the fitness industry, the developers of this token integrated Web3 technology to create custom exercise plans for users. 

To attract users to their project, they created a move-to-earn (M2E) software that rewards users when they complete fitness goals. This way, those who are fitness lovers can do what they love and still earn at the same time. Because of this token's numerous utility, whale crypto investors are splashing considerable funds to invest in this new token. 

With the rave it has generated in the crypto community, Fight Out (FGHT) has already generated about $3.4 million in its presale. It has also recruited the services of several famous fitness personalities to recommend and serve as its ambassadors. 

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG): Built For Gamers 

Several reports and data show that many cryptos and web3 investors have invested huge funds into Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG). This token seeks to integrate web3 technology into their project to revolutionize specific industries. In this case, Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) wants to change how many people view games. 

The project's purpose is to create a gaming ecosystem that ensures that people don't view games only as a means of having fun but also as means of making money. Embedded in a decentralized platform, they seek to create a gaming platform where the games control their assets and in-game rewards entirely. 

Through an open game economy, they want to reward gamers participating with "GEMS," which can be exchanged for real money or digital assets such as non-fungible tokens. So far, they have been doing great for a new project as more investors discover this potential. They have raised close to $1 million through their presale and are planning to raise more before it ends. 

Calvaria (RIA): The Next Big Blockchain Card Game

Calvaria (RIA) is doing pretty well for a blockchain card game that existed not long ago. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a blockchain card game created to move beyond just arranging cards to win. 

They came up with much more intriguing gameplay, with a storyline that makes the game look like an action game when it is not. Because of the potential that Calvaria: Duels of Eternity packs, its $RIA token has created a significant buzz among crypto investors. The game is a play to earn and allows players to earn their $RIA token and other digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens. 

Investors have been investing money into this new project as it is predicted to make much profit in the long term. Because of the considerable buzz surrounding the project, those behind it have raised an incredible $2.96 million from its presale. The presale is about to be finished, and the developers will move to the next project stage.