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US Presidential Candidate Gifts 14 Bitcoins to His 7 Children

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
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One of the presidential candidates in the upcoming United States election has made a surprising disclosure about their lifestyle. This candidate is among those advocating for the crypto industry.


In a Twitter Space, he revealed how much he was active in the crypto community. In the space, he said he had purchased 2 Bitcoins each for his seven children at one buy. This doesn't cover other Bitcoin they purchased, which the public might not know about. 

Robert Kennedy Jnr is one of those vying for the apex position in the United States, which is the presidency. During a Twitter Space with The Wolf of All Street, Robert Kennedy revealed some of his Bitcoin endeavors.


According to him, earlier this year, he bought 14 Bitcoins for his 7 children, which means each child received 2 Bitcoins. This purchase occurred during the Bitcoin Conference, held from May 18th to May 20th. 


Upon inspection of Robert Kennedy's children's investments, they have already earned a profit from their father's purchases. Kennedy Jr. acquired Bitcoin during a period when its price was hovering around $27,000.


However, Bitcoin is currently within the $29,000 range at the time of writing. This means that the investment has made major returns within two months. But in early July, Robert Kennedy said he didn't have any assets in Bitcoin, but the records don't seem to conform to this claim. According to the financial disclosure form of June 30th, he admitted to having about $101,000 to $250,000 worth of Bitcoin.


A lot of Bitcoin proponents like the former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are falling around Kennedy. According to them, he would implement favorable polices for the crypto community if elected.

Robert Kennedy Bitcoin Campaign 

Robert Kennedy Jr is running for president and strongly emphasizes the crypto industry in his campaign. While currently considered a top candidate, he still faces competition from Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Kennedy Jr believes that his plans for improving the United States are closely tied to advancements in the crypto industry. 


Robert Kennedy speaking to an audience
Robert Kennedy Jr (Shutterstock)


Robert Kennedy's Bitcoin obsession transcends to his campaign. He has spoken about it severally to the public, highlighting how he plans to make the industry better. On the other hand, many consider his Bitcoin campaign as a means of getting votes from the people. He mainly presents himself as a champion who will unlock some of the hidden potentials of the crypto industry in the United States. 

Bitcoin an Example of Democracy — Robert Kennedy Jr 

During one of his campaigns, Robert Kennedy Jr once called Bitcoin an example of democracy. It is clear about Robert Kennedy Jr's stance on the crypto industry. He is pro-Bitcoin, although many suspect he only uses it for propaganda and to gather votes. Nevertheless, Robert Kennedy Jr is steadfast in his Bitcoin gospel. 


On the other hand, it seems the target audience of  Robert Kennedy Jr is those who don't vote during the elections. According to data, many people eligible to vote in the United States didn't exercise their rights. In 2016, about 45% of eligible voters didn't come out to vote. Apparently, Robert Kennedy might be using the Bitcoin narrative to garner more support from them.