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Top 15 P2E Games With Good Rewards

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
GameFi inscription and illustration of crypto coins
| Shutterstock


GameFi inscription and illustration of crypto coins
| Shutterstock


Gone are the days when gaming was considered a mere pastime; today, it's a full-fledged economic powerhouse, and players are wielding their controllers like financial wizards. Picture this: you're delving into mysterious dungeons, unraveling enigmatic quests, and amassing virtual assets that hold real-world value. The concept is simple, yet revolutionary—by investing time and skill in these blockchain-based gaming universes, players are unlocking a treasure trove of crypto rewards that can be traded, sold, or staked for tangible earnings.


But how does this alchemical fusion of gaming and finance actually work? Strap in as we traverse through the enchanted landscapes of crypto play-to-earn games, where enchanted swords aren't just a means to vanquish foes, but also a ticket to financial independence. We'll unveil the underlying technologies that power these worlds, from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that grant ownership of in-game items, to decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanisms that multiply your crypto earnings while you're battling virtual beasts.


Fellow adventurers, get ready to wield your swords, cast your spells, and embark on a journey to explore the gaming renaissance. The world of crypto play-to-earn games welcomes players of all types, whether you are a seasoned warrior or a strategic tactician. In this new era of gaming, the line between play and profit has been erased, offering a thrilling opportunity to level up your skills and your bank balance.


Blockchain games are changing the whole gaming ecosystem, and it presents a lot of opportunities for gamers and developers at the same time. Developers are provided with a more decentralized way of publishing games, and gamers get the chance to pay and earn.


Below are some of the best crypto games with massive rewards. Join us for a chance to earn more than just virtual rewards. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey!


  1. Tamadoge


Tama doge figure
| tamadoge.io


Tamadoge is one of the best crypto games online, as it has a clear path to making money while at the same time getting entertained. However, it is important to note that NFTs are a very important aspect of this game. 


The majority of the activities happening in this game are related to NFTs. To make upgrades, earn, and make certain payments involves NFTs. In this game, the players train their NFT pets and enter them into battle with other users — Afterwards, they earn rewards in TAMA tokens. 


  1. Nakamoto


Gameplay of Nakamoto
| Nakamoto.games


Nakamoto is another of those crypto games to earn money, and it is based on the Polygon blockchain. This is not a game per se, but it is a game studio that produces a wide range of games related to the crypto industry. 


One of the best things about this game studio is that independent developers can also upload their games to play. With that in mind, they can also earn rewards and commissions from gaming activities. 


  1. Pikamoon


Pikamon gameplay
| Pikamon/X


Pikamoon is a gaming ecosystem where gamers purchase NFTs using $PIKA, enter online tournaments, and win rewards using their NFT avatars. Each of the avatars provided in this game has different capabilities and traits. 


  1. Floki 


Floki 2D animated pup wearing a helmet
| Floki.com


Floki is very popular among the NFT and metaverse ecosystem. Apparently, Floki is an ecosystem of multiple projects where players can create their own NFT characters. Moreover, the games on this platform are one of the best crypto games to earn money. 


The gaming projects on this platform contain a lot of things, such as clans, battles, quests, claims, and on-chain raiding. Moreover, Floki has a metaverse named Valhalla, where all these activities occur. 


  1. Mobox 


Mobox game interface
| Mobox.io


Mobox is a fusion of decentralized finance and crypto games online. It is a blockchain gaming platform that exposes many crypto enthusiasts to various games, ranging from clans and quests. Gamers on this platform can mint MOMO NFTs by staking its native MBOX token while playing the games. 


A good thing about this platform is that it's compatible with mobile. Meaning that you can play many of their games using your mobile phone instead of depending solely on PCs. 


  1. Ecoterra 

Ecoterra website interface
| Ecoterra.io

Ecoterra is a game that seeks to promote the effects of climate change using gaming ecosystems. On this platform, gamers use Ecoterra tokens to participate in the game. Apparently, this game is all about minimizing carbon emissions to earn rewards. 



  1. The Sandbox


Gameplay screenshot form the Sandbox website
| Sandbox.game


The Sandbox is one of the biggest crypto games out there. It has a large share of the whole crypto gaming sector. This is mainly because it is a decentralized virtual world built on blockchain technology, where users can access many things. It makes it a combination of the metaverse, non-fungible tokens, and virtual assets. 


They provide play-to-earn model games for users who want to get entertained while earning simultaneously. At the Sandbox, gamers can sell their in-game assets through an in-built marketplace. 


  1. Splinterlands


Splinterlands website
| Splinterlands.com


Splinterlands has the identity of being a collectible card game. However, it integrates blockchain technology into its gaming ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts. Here, gamers can collect and battle various digital monsters represented as cards. The cards here are NFTs, each with unique attributes that can be used at different game stages. 


Furthermore, this game involves a whole lot of strategies to win. Gamers have to create a great deck of cards (NFTs) that complement each other and are capable of battling other users. In this platform, the native token is called DEC, and it is used to purchase in-game assets. 


  1. Illuvium


Screenshot of game characters from Illuvium
| Illuvium.io


Like Nakamoto, Illuvium is another game studio that gives crypto enthusiasts access to many games. Apparently, this platform aims to provide the world’s first interoperable blockchain game universe for crypto enthusiasts. It has already gone a long way in meeting its objectives, as it has launched three games already for crypto enthusiasts. 


The creatures in the gaming ecosystem of this platform are named Illuvials, and gamers must capture, train, and use them to battle other users. Some of the games in this ecosystem are the Illuvium Arena game and Zero. 


  1. Decentraland


Costume character options
| Decentral Games


Decentraland is among the top crypto online games and has built a large reputation for offering play-to-earn games for enthusiasts. It is basically a virtual world where users own the metaverse land they purchase, and the lands here are in the form of NFTs. A crypto token called MANA is the native token of this platform and is used to perform a wide range of activities here. 


MANA rewards can be earned when users engage in playing decentralized games. On the Decentraland platform, users can also host festivals and other events. 


  1. Swords of Blood



Swords of blood gameplay screenshot
Gameplay screenshot | swordsofblood.com


Swords of Blood moves out of the native form of crypto games hosted on Polygon. It is not like the usual type of crypto games where users play mostly with cards. Gamers take on several roles, such as battle-mage or warrior in the fallen world of Ezura, and compete to earn rewards. 


  1. Axie Infinity


Axie infinity website interface screengrab
| Axieinfinity.com


Despite becoming very popular, the Axie Infinity project still concentrates on creating the best crypto play to earn games. Perhaps this platform is mostly known for being a gaming ecosystem where gamers train virtual monsters and battle each other. The names of these monsters are called Axies, and each of them has unique traits and abilities assigned to them. 


When users play these games, they stand the chance of winning SLP tokens. SLP is the native token of this platform and is used for buying many in-game assets.


  1. Aviator


Aviator gaming screengrab
| Aviator Games


The Aviator is perhaps one of the most rewarding crypto online games. Fitness was established in 2019 by popular gaming developer Spribe and has quickly grown to become many fans' favorites in 2023. One of the best things about this game is that it is easy to play, and users earn large rewards. 


The Aviator is much like a betting game where users can win large amounts of money or leave without any. This game is strategy-based, where gamers have to pick the best time to catch out. 


  1. Plinko


Screegrab of plinko x website
| plinkox.com


With the advent of many crypto games to earn money, digital casinos are also coming up where users can make good amounts of money from playing games. At Plinko, there are many versions, such as Plinko X, Turbo Plinko, and Plinko: Dare2Win.


For new users, this game welcomes them with huge bonuses. Moreover, it feels almost the same way as being in a physical casino. 


  1. Chimpzee


Interface of Chimpzee game website
| Chimpzee.io


Chimpzee is a crypto game that has a side of charity to it. Apparently, the major aim of creating this game is to create awareness for protecting the environment. In this game, users use $CHMPZ tokens to buy in-game assets.