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Top 5 Cryptos to Invest This Month

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By Shella Artillero - - 5 Mins Read

The greatest strategy for navigating the current bear market is to create a diversified portfolio of numerous different crypto assets.

In order to help investors make an educated choice, we will now review five of the finest cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

1. Overall Best Crypto to Buy Right Now: Tamadoge

Tamadoge is the top cryptocurrency on our ranking of the best ones to buy right now. We admire this project because it has long-term development goals and a play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency game as its main focus. 

Players will use the Ethereum blockchain to mint a virtual pet NFT in the game's central idea.

Each newly minted virtual pet NFT will have a unique set of characteristics. The NFT will be more valuable to other participants of the game if each feature is rarer. Each virtual pet has the ability to participate in battles, and the winners receive cryptocurrency awards.

Rewards are given out in TAMA, the native cryptocurrency of the Tamadoge ecosystem, like many other P2E games in this market. Tamadoge matches will have a monthly leaderboard linked that gives players additional chances to get free tokens.

This also applies to other in-game items that the player earns. The Tamadoge roadmap, which covers 2022 and 2023, is also something we like. Towards the later end of its development journey, Tamadoge will incorporate immersive experiences. 

This will encompass the "Tamaverse," a spin on the metaverse. Along with the Tamadoge app, augmented reality experiences will also be developed. Tamadoge has already amassed almost $9 million through its presale, giving some indication of how well-liked its concept is.

Although the crypto presale campaign is still active, the hard cap total is getting closer. Investors can buy TAMA tokens at a discount during the presale in the meantime. Before TAMA listings on stock exchanges, this may present a quick gain.

2. Battle Infinity - Up-and-Coming Metaverse and P2E Gaming Ecosystem 

Battle Infinity is the next project to consider on our list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in.   Battle Infinity is a Mumbai-based initiative that was established in Q2 2022 and is creating its own local "Multiverse." The six items that will be present on the Battle Infinity metaverse realm are referred to by this phrase.

This includes staking pools, an NFT market, a decentralized exchange, and more.  However, the overarching product offered by Battle Infinity is its P2E crypto games. At the forefront of this is the IBAT Premier League. 

Fantasy sports are the main focus of this P2E game. As a result, users can create a squad of athletes from sports like cricket or soccer and compete to earn tangible rewards.

3. NFT Rewards & Competition Platform: Lucky Block

Another emerging project is Lucky Block, which in many ways is among the best cryptocurrencies available right now. Similar to Battle Infinity, Lucky Block had a wildly successful presale campaign that raised more than $5 million in a few of weeks.

However, what was to follow the presale launch of this top penny crypto was even more unprecedented. Put simply, in just over a month of launching on PancakeSwap, LBLOCK tokens witnessed an increase of over 60x. It follows that early presale investors saw substantial returns on their capital.

4. Bitcoin - De-Facto Crypto to Buy at a Huge Discount 

With the most market value and presence, Bitcoin is the most popular crypto asset. In 2021, Bitcoin began a protracted bull run that came to an end in November when the digital currency topped $68,000.

When you consider that when Bitcoin originally debuted in 2009, you could purchase it for just a few cents, this is extraordinary. In other words, Bitcoin saw gains in the millions of percentage points during the course of slightly over 12 years of trading.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin has now entered a bear market and subsequently dragged the majority of the industry down with it. On the flip side, those looking to build a Bitcoin position right now can do so at a huge discount. 

5. Ethereum - Opportunity to Buy Before the PoS Upgrade  

Ethereum is one of the finest cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022. The leading smart contract blockchain is the second-largest cryptocurrency project in the world by market valuation. The fact that thousands of ERC-20 tokens have been constructed on top of Ethereum proves its legitimacy.

Furthermore, and perhaps most significantly, transaction fees for sending and receiving ERC-20 tokens must be paid in ETH. Because ETH is useful in the real world, there is still a high level of demand from other marketplaces.

When investing in Ethereum, it's also important to keep in mind that it's the de facto blockchain of choice for metaverse initiatives. Leading metaverse worlds like Enjin, Decentraland, and the Sandbox all run on top of Ethereum.