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Top 3 High Gainers in Crypto By CoinMarketCap Check

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read


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Over the past weeks, the crypto market has been unusually profitable for traders and investors. Many cryptocurrencies, starting from Bitcoin, are having a good time in the market.


At one time, even Bitcoin managed to cross over to $27k before it experienced a dip in price. But that's by the way, as we will discuss some of the top crypto gainers in the market for the past week in this article. 


Chainlink (LINK)

You must applaud Chainlink for doing some of the most impossible stunts recently. The token has worked itself off to attain new levels. So, according to data from Coinmarketcap, this token was one of the top gainers for the new week.


The price chart of this cryptocurrency provides enough evidence of the massive growth. At the time of writing, the price of this token was $6.80. This comes with an increase of close to 4%. What is even more interesting is how the price growth increases with the weekly and monthly charts. The two have an increase of more than 15% and 10%, respectively. 


Oasis Network (ROSE)

Over the past week, ROSE has seen a significant surge in price. Still, it's essential to consider other fluctuations in the daily and monthly charts to understand the Oasis Network's overall direction better.


Despite being one of the top crypto gainers, it's important to note that ROSE is the native crypto of the Oasis Network, which is a layer-1 blockchain network that prioritizes privacy, scalability, and low gas fees. Its ultimate goal is to create a new and improved blockchain version that combines these essential features.


Over the past 24 hours, this token's trading volume has increased more than 80%. Moreover, the price increase in the past 24 hours is more than 10%. The price of this token is currently at $0.04271, but the recent price actions in the past 24 hours show a tendency for a retracement. 


ApeCoin (APE)

Apecoin was among the most profitable crypto to trade within the past seven days due to the massive price increase. In the case of Apecoin, it is very important to note that it would have probably needed an expert trader to profit from this token. This is because of the sequence of the price increase.


The weekly chart shows bears and bulls fighting to maintain a tight grip. Hence, it would have probably needed an experienced trader to make some profits from the token. The highest price in the weekly chart was $1.188, while the lowest is currently around the $1.14 range. 


Bitcoin Price Update 

The price of Bitcoin has been surprisingly moving on the right side. The apex crypto might not be among the week's top crypto gainers, but it had some excellent periods within the past seven days.


Currently, Bitcoin is in a situation where it is not having the best increases in price. However, it is building a very solid foundational price support system. It has been moving around the $26k level for the longest time. However, it crossed $27k before retracing to around $26.7k. In the weekly chart, Bitcoin's price has increased by more than 3%. 

Ethereum Price Update 

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has been building a very strong support level of around $1.6k over the past few days. It has rarely left that price range. Instead, it is making a massive accumulation in the price support.


In other words, the bulls in the Ethereum price chart have been laying a solid foundation over the bears. In the past seven days, the price of this token has been up by more than 3%. The percentage of the trading volume is also on the increase. The amount of traders investing in Ethereum in the past 24 hours has increased by more than 50%. 

General Altcoin Price Update 

Generally, the crypto market is experiencing a slightly good time. It is not certain how long this minor bullish rally is going to last, but the altcoins and even meme coins are taking good advantage of it.


One of the highlights of the recent price increase is the Toncoin. According to the market cap, it broke into the top 10 crypto rankings. Other altcoins having a good time in the market are XRP, Dogecoin, Cardano, and even Solana.