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Top 3 Biggest IoT Companies That May Blow Up in 2023

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Many things happen in today's world without people questioning how they came into existence or the technology behind them. Remember how one can use voice commands to control appliances in the house, such as thermostats and television. Some people know this as a smart home

However, in the tech world, there's a technology behind the connection of hardware or appliances to the internet. It is called the internet of things (IoT). The internet of things means incorporating what is happening in the physical world into the digital world. 

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Many companies are sprouting out, creating, and building more internet of things (IoT) for the public. In this guide, you will learn how the internet of things works and some of the top IoT companies with a high chance of making a breakthrough in 2023. 

How Does the Internet of Things (IoT) Work? 

The internet of things has a single focus: to connect human-made machines, tools, and appliances to the internet. Connecting such machines or devices to the internet means data from those devices can be collected and used to ensure productivity. 

Yes, the internet of things ensures productivity in any environment, whether at home or the workplace. Do you remember how hard it could be to turn on the TV after a difficult day at work? IoT can easily help turn such devices by saying a voice command since it has been connected to the internet. 

Credit: Unsplash 

Generally, productivity is one of the major reasons many companies are building on the internet of things. However, in the crypto and financial world, IoT helps companies get, analyze extensively, and use the information provided by an IoT device. When all these processes are done, they help these companies devise new income streams, reduce expenses, and manage their resources effectively. 

Top IoT Companies To Blow Up in 2023 

Here are some IoT device management companies that can blow up and create many opportunities in 2023. 


Helium is one of the IoT device management companies working on creating a decentralized network of wireless devices innovative enough to provide a new internet. 

Although operating within the crypto industry under the blockchain, Helium has brought several innovations outside crypto. The Helium technology can create wireless sensor networks for monitoring the environment and agricultural products and services. 

Helium's technology can also be used as tracking devices in supply chain management or optimization. A cryptocurrency known as HNT powers the Helium network on the blockchain. 


IOTA is one of the top IoT companies focused on creating a better payment method in the financial sector. IOTA uses a technology called Tangle to build a decentralized ecosystem of wirelessly connected devices. 

IOTA Tangle technology is a newly designed distributive ledger that allows transactions and payments in the crypto industry without paying any fee. This means the technology is focused on creating a fee-free transaction ecosystem within the crypto industry. 

Bosch and Fujitsu are one of the major companies IOTA is trying to partner with to build a secure and free payment ecosystem. They hope to achieve more of this plan using a new network of connected devices. 


Ambrosus focuses mainly on creating IoT solutions that will bring innovation to supply chain management. This IoT company has created a decentralized platform for supply chain management that is being used by companies such as Nestle and Carrefour. 

The major innovation Ambrosus brings to these companies is transparency and traceability to a supply chain. 

Using blockchain technology, Ambrosus has a cryptocurrency called AMB, which rewards users who maintain and make transactions on the network.