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Top 15 Crypto Traders Handles on Instagram to Follow and Stay Updated

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Instagram logo background, bitcoins on a surface
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Instagram logo background, bitcoins on a surface



It can be hard to explain how the crypto industry works fully, but it becomes pretty easy when you find someone that helps you understand better. It would be quite surprising to find yourself understanding many things when you listen to some people on Instagram. 


These traders who maintain activity on Instagram not only share their savvy opinions about issues in the crypto community but also help in the spread of information to average crypto enthusiasts. However, many of these accounts share personal thoughts and may not be affiliated with any crypto brand.


Here are some accounts you should follow as a crypto enthusiast/trader to stay focused and updated. 


#1 Bitboy Crypto 

Bitboy is one of the biggest names in the crypto industry due to the relentless work he has participated in for the industry's progression. Named Ben Armstrong, he is focused on imparting cryptocurrency news and updates in videos both on the photo-sharing platform and other places like YouTube.


He is one the early industry pioneers, as he has been actively involved in crypto trading since 2011. Considering his long years in the industry, Bitboy Crypto is very committed to increasing the rate of crypto adoption by creating solutions, meeting with world leaders, and educating his audience. Following him on Instagram would be a good addition if you are a crypto enthusiast. 


#2 CryptoManiaks

CryptoManiaks is another crypto account one should follow on Instagram if you are really interested in the crypto industry.



With close to 1 million followers, this Instagram account is dedicated to providing its followers with many updates and news related to crypto traders and investors.


It often posts updates related to meme coins and the improvements they have been making since their launch. It is not only based on Bitcoin and altcoins. It also provides updates around decentralized finance and NFTs that many crypto accounts might miss. It has an engagement rate of over 2% and is suitable for crypto traders on Instagram and other enthusiasts. 


#3 Cryptonary

Cryptonary is an account on Instagram that says it is dedicated to providing updates on the general crypto industry, the metaverse, and decentralized finance.


Those who are following the Cryptonary account won't be missing important updates relating to crypto and other sister ecosystems like NFTs and metaverse.


Their news and updates are very detailed, providing all the information needed. With Over five hundred thousand followers on the platform, Cryptonary is one of the most trusted crypto accounts to follow on the photo-sharing platform. 


#4 ShareCrypto

ShareCrypto is a tremendous account resource that shares many things that one would miss within the crypto industry. It keeps its followers with the biggest stories in crypto news and the latest news regarding other related ecosystems.


Their primary aim is to bring essential price movements of prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins to the timeline of their followers. They also post viral crypto news, such as updates on the Binance and Coinbase legal battles with the Securities and Exchange Commission. With over 400k followers, this Instagram has an engagement rate of close to 1%. 


#5 Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the biggest supporters of the crypto industry and one of the accounts to follow on Instagram as a crypto trader. This man is more known for his best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad.


As a man who has been preaching financial independence and freedom, Kiyosaki soon saw that the crypto industry is among the paths to this objective. He became a prominent advocate for the crypto industry in 2020 when he urged his followers to also invest in decentralized finance.


With over 2.9 million followers, this financial consultant has an engagement rate of 0.57%. Apart from the crypto industry, he has much financial advice to offer. 


#6 CryptoExplorer 

CryptoExplorer is an Instagram account run by anonymous crypto enthusiasts dedicated to spreading the gospel of the industry. They have more than 600 thousand followers, and their engagement rate stands at 0.08%.


This account is very significant for crypto traders on Instagram that need insights on many topics relating to the industry. Their news is evergreen and can keep one updated on whatever is happening at any given time. Their topics are majorly based on the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, although they cover others like stocks, market value, and NFTs.


#7 Bitcoin Magazine 

Bitcoin Magazine is a crypto account on Instagram that is mainly dedicated to Bitcoin news than other updates within the crypto industry. It has over 200 thousand followers and an engagement rate of 2.1%.


It is one of the oldest accounts dedicated to sharing updates about the crypto industry. If you are a Bitcoin trader and investor, then you might want to follow this account as it shares updates relating to the crypto.

Ranging from the price movements of Bitcoin and major institutional news, this Instagram account provides them. It also provides important resources such as court filings and whitepapers. 


#8 TheCryptoGraph

The CryptoGraph has more than 191 thousand followers on Instagram and has an engagement rate of 0.11%. The CryptoGraph is a jack of all trades when it comes to news relating to the crypto industry.


If you want to learn about the latest adoption rate of cryptocurrencies or the latest news involving the ban of cryptocurrencies in the industry, TheCryptoGraph has it all.


Their stories mostly come in pictures with written highlights of their report. This way, users can easily read and also have a virtual representation of what the story is all about. It also has reels that contain interviews of famous moments within the industry. 


#9 Irene Zhao

Irene Zhao is one of the cryptos accounts on Instagram that initially had an interest in other things before getting attracted to the industry. This lady was interested in social media influencing before focusing on the crypto and digital asset industry.


For crypto traders interested in learning how to launch and market their NFT collections, following Irene Zhao might be the right decision. With her interest in the NFT market, she launched her own collection called IreneDAO, it contained pictures of herself and popular lines in the crypto market. 


#10 Armando Juan Pantoja

New crypto traders that want to learn how things are done and how professional traders started should consider following Armando Juan Pantoja's Instagram account.



He is regarded as a very valuable asset for crypto traders, and his background in software engineering makes him very knowledgeable about blockchain technology.


When you visit his Instagram account, it is mainly filled with different videos and photos showing crypto traders how to go about their trading endeavors. Apart from these crypto visuals, he posts motivational videos encouraging traders to never give up despite the fragile market situations. 


#11 Cryptohumor 

Many things happen in the crypto industry, which can bring a lot of sadness. Most of the time, it can be a gloomy time for the industry, with many countries fighting against the expansion of the industry.



It can be seen with the recent crackdown happening in the crypto industry, where the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to hunt down crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.


To ease down the gloomy environment, Cryptohumor is dedicated to creating the funniest content about the crypto industry. It has over 90k followers and is suitable for crypto traders who want to ease off the day.


#12 Ethereum_updates

We have talked about an Instagram account dedicated to Bitcoin. Now we will speak of another Instagram account that provides traders with all the updates they need about Ethereum.


Ethereum_updates boasts more than 400 thousand followers, and it is getting a larger audience because of the accuracy of most of its reports.


If you are looking for a fun account that would update you about the latest on Ethereum, then this Instagram account should be followed. It does not provide only core Ethereum token updates; DeFi news and stories about real-world Ethereum adoption are also covered. 


#13 Coingrams

Coingrams is the perfect account to follow if you want a mixture of all the things happening in the crypto industry and also jokes about them. It has more than 250k followers on the photo-sharing platform, and its content creation game is above average.


Many of the memes it creates about the crypto industry are always relatable. This account also pushes for crypto adoption by educating its audience about the importance of the crypto industry. Some of the major updates you would get from here include the latest major brand acquisitions, price drops, and use cases of cryptocurrencies. 


#14 CryptoPunks 

CryptoPunks is an Instagram account dedicated to sharing information concerning the NFT market.


There's an NFT collection named CryptoPunks, but this Instagram account is not the official account. So don't be confused about the two. It has more than 245k followers with an engagement rate of close to 1%.


Like Bitcoin Magazine and Ethereum_updates, CryptoPunks is one of the best places to get exclusive news about what is happening in the NFT market. It brings you news of the latest NFT launches and the price movements in the market. 


#15 Michael Saylor

Although he isn't among the pioneers in the crypto industry, Michael Saylor has steadily worked his way to become one of the most respected names on Instagram.


He is a MicroStrategy co-founder who has advocated for the adoption of cryptocurrencies among individuals, institutions, and countries. His advocacy is remembered to have started in 2020 when he started preaching about crypto and its importance to the economy.


On Instagram, his follower count is on its way to 100 thousand followers and has an engagement rate of 4%. The major part of his advice lies around investing and stockpiling in cryptocurrencies.