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This Bored Ape Whale Just Spent Over $1M on 69 DeGods NFTs

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

The Solana blockchain recently witnessed a mega transaction after a crypto whale spent close to 1 million US dollars on 69 DeGods NFTs. Degods NFT has been making huge waves within the Solana NFT space and dominating other bored apes NFT in the network. 

The crypto whale bought the NFT at Magic Eden, using a tool that allows crypto whales to "sweep the floor." Sweeping the floor here means that this tool allows NFT traders to buy a whole collection of NFTs at once. 

DeGods Rule Them All NFT collection (Source: OpenSea)

The pseudonymous NFT trader known as "Pokeee" spent close to a million dollars trying to keep up with his promise of supporting DeGods NFT. Recently the bored apes NFT  project was planning to shift its project from the Solana network to the  Ethereum blockchain. However, Solana is getting just the last benefits of the NFT in its blockchain before it migrates. 

Pokeee Says DeGods NFT isn't His First NFT Sweep 

During an interview with Magic Eden, the anonymous NFT enthusiast known as Pokeee spoke about the NFT industry and how he was committed to seeing projects succeed. 

Magic Eden tried to unmask his identity by asking for his name and a little bit of his background. But it seems he was media trained as he dodged the question and only mentioned what he was doing in the crypto industry. 

"I’m in Web 3 full time. I run a private fund where we manage only our own money. This means we employ a group of professionals to deal in all areas of crypto. We mainly specialize in DeFi/Liquidity providing on pools/Staking/Algo-trading," Pokeee said in the interview. 

When asked what he would do with the DeGod's bored apes NFT, he said," It depends on how the asset grows. I'm looking at a long-term hold and trade in and out of the asset during my free time." Pokeee also mentioned he wouldn't keep the NFTs on the Solana network. All of them were going to the Ethereum network.

 "Yes, my purpose of this investment is actually to have them bridged to ETH. Due to on-chain risks, I wasn’t able to deploy larger portions of my portfolio into Solana. I was having fun in Solana on smaller nfts and mints back then," Pokeee said. 

Handling New Found Fame and Wealth Hasn't Been Easy For the Crypto Whale 

Despite DeGods mint price, Pokeee was able to sweep its entire collection, bringing fame and wealth to the young crypto investor. During the interview with Magic Eden, they asked him if he had swept any other NFT in the past apart from DeGods. 

He said he had done much in the past on another NFT project. "I got a bag of Balloonsville. It was once the greatest rug in the history of Solana NFTS. I’ve also seen how a big community comes together, and they are working hard for what they want to achieve. I do have an entire portfolio of ETH NFTS too," Pokeee said. 

The final question to the interview was how he was handling his newfound fame on the internet, to which he replied, "I've been on my phone for 24 hours replying to tweets. Tinder is not working out at the moment. They often back out after I try to get them to buy some DeGod’s. Moneywise, it’s not newfound but a hard grind in the Web 3 space so I’d expect to still be savvy and stay humble"