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These 5 Meme Tokens Are Ready for Massive Gains Before February 28th

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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Meme tokens are known as cryptocurrencies which were first created as a meme and then transcended into more valuable tokens. These tokens were made with no real utility in mind, but they grew to have a community and value as time passed. 

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto traders also trade meme tokens with the hope of making money. The reason behind this is simple: a meme token's price often increases sporadically within a short time. But it can also decrease frantically, a reason many crypto traders need only to choose those profitable meme tokens. 

Continue reading as we share some meme tokens with a high chance of making many investors millionaires in a week. 


Tsuka coins (Planet Crypto)

Sometimes, the lesser-known meme token can make crypto investors a good amount of money. Only a few people within the crypto industry know TSUKA, but experts have analyzed it and concluded that it has a fair chance of making gains this week. Although the developers of this meme token rarely post updates on their Twitter page, it has a whopping number of 10,000 holders. 

This shows that despite its lack of social media presence, the community behind this token is enormous and can make things happen. With a current price of $0.11756, the coin's price is expected to increase within a short period. 

Floki Inu 

Floki Inu token logo (CoinMarketCap)

Floki Inu token is one of the biggest meme cryptocurrencies and is expected to make massive gains this week. Floki is doing quite well regarding the price and the value it has accrued from the market. The market cap of this meme token is now at $500 million, and it is even expected to increase more in value within a short while. 

The value of this meme coin increased because of the recent listings it received from major crypto exchanges such as OKX. It is expected that it will even make more gains after Binance lists it in their exchange in the future. After hitting an all-time high of $0.00006793, the crypto price increase has slowed slightly. But it expected massive gains before the week runs out, so buying the token can be up for consideration for many investors. 


Rich Quack Token logo (CoinMarketCap)

For many people, dogs are usually the face of many meme tokens. You hardly see any meme token that does not have a dog's face on it; Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are always dog-themed. But Quack is quite different as it has the face of a duck rather than a dog. 

Far from the theme of the token, experts have predicted that it will see a massive increase for the week. Pro traders say that the Quack token will try and consolidate the price level of $1.6731. 

Baby Doge 

Baby Doge illustration (BSC News)

Baby Doge is one of the in-demand meme tokens at CMC (coinmarketcap), and it is expected to make massive profits before the week runs out. The developers of this token termed it a deflationary token, one of the most popular meme tokens on many social media platforms like Twitter. Like Floki Inu, it has a more than $500 million market cap, and the community behind the crypto is pushing for its listing on Binance. 

With the calls for the listing, the token has been increasing sporadically in price and value. With the vast support, this token is getting from its community, the price recently surpassed $3, and many experts say it will increase more this week. After much analysis, some successful traders within its community are calling on many people to buy it as they expect massive growth in its price. 


Dogecoin logo illustration (Crypto News Flash)

Despite being the apex meme token on CMC and the whole crypto industry, Dogecoin is expected to rise more in the coming weeks. Over time, Dogecoin has proved that it can still make many traders rich from its price increase. Looking at its weekly time frame for last week, the coin increased by almost 8%. 
This week many experts predict that it will even increase more in the market. With a current price within the $0.08 level, the price of this meme token is expected to increase to $0.09 this week. But those trading Dogecoin for the new week should be careful of the trade as it will be a tug-of-war between the bulls and bears.