Non-Fungible Tits Club Collection

A collection of 9999 items is the unique and consistent state-of-the-art quality of 3D digital Waifu collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.
The collection will be available on the Opensea Marketplace.
The Non-Fungible Tits Club NFT project only starts with the Waifu collection!
The Non-Fungible Tits Club team is developing an exclusive cartoon porn site (“hentai”) and a customized sex simulator based on the 3D digital waifu collection. On top of all that Non-Fungible Tits Club waifu team is working on optimizing the 3D Waifu collection for the upcoming metaverse to serve as a personal ai assistance just like Siri or Alexa from scheduling a meeting to just hosting a company and indulging the holders.

What is is a streaming service that contains exclusive hentai content based on the 3D digital Waifu collectibles from the Non-Fungible Tits Club Nft collection. will require a subscription from anyone besides the Waifu NFT holders.
Holders exclusive content
Each Waifu from the Non-Fungible Tits Club Nft serves as a premium subscription to gain access to the exclusive content on Furthermore, each holder could Vote and influence the upcoming content that will be accessible on the site.

Nftits Sex simulator
Nftits Sex simulator is an interactive 3D sex simulation game based on the 3D digital Waifu collectibles from the Non-Fungible Tits Club NFT collection.
The Nftits Sex simulator is customizable from head to toe, including breast size, hairstyle, ethnicity, and skills. The player can adjust the game intensity from romantic and gentle to wilder and passionate. It all depends on the player’s preferences.

Holders benefits 

The Nftits Sex simulator will be available for free with in-game purchases.
However, NFT holders will have full access to every feature for free!
Furthermore, Holders could place their NFT Waifu on the simulation and execute every action they desire!

Holders revenue

In today’s reality, porn sites and porn games make millions of dollars a month just from users’ subscriptions.
To give the Non-Fungible Tits Club NFT holders value Added,
each NFT, like stocks, is a property that allows the owners to enjoy passive income.

How the holder’s revenue is generated?
15% of all the profit made from the user’s subscription goes back to Waifu’s NFT holders. The generated revenue goes hand in hand with the growth of and Nftits Sex simulator users’ subscriptions.

Metaverse of Waifus  

The 3D Waifu’s could be the holder’s avatar so that anyone who will make contact with him would see him as his NFT Waifu. The holders can make their Waifu’s as their assistance or partners, from scheduling appointments and recalling tasks To indulging and satisfying the holder.

Personal Waifu
In order To make the Waifu more human and personal, she will learn the holder preferences from and the Nftits Sex simulator.
Furthermore, the holders could execute any scene or scenario from and Nftits simulator.
Just imagine all the possibilities you can do with your Waifu on the Waifus metaverse the possibilities are endless!


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