Many people love to play casino games online, from poker and blackjack to slot machines and wheel of fortune. Who would not want to play a fun game and make money while doing so, right?

I first played poker because my friends started to play Zynga poker on Facebook. I had so much fun playing poker and many casino games online but, I didn’t make actual money out of it so I eventually stopped playing. A few months ago, I felt like I want to start playing casino games again, Because I remembered how much fun it was in the past, but this time I found many sites where you can bet on real money.
At first, I would win and make money but in the end, I would always go back to the starting point without the money I started with. This process happened at every casino site that I found, at the end as well as in real casinos in the physics world, the “house” always wins. I was about to give up on casino games online but, then I found

MaticPlay is a decentralized* gambling platform powered by Polygon Network*.
The platform provides an experience in which the chances of winning/losing are locked, as every action is executed by a smart contract* on the blockchain*. Unlike casinos that operate in “black boxes,” and the player can not know whether he was cheated or not, the blockchain is revealed and visible to everyone.
That means results can’t be manipulated because the contract is already deployed (locked on the blockchain) moreover, every transaction can be tracked using

As of now, the platform features the game called “Poly Coin Flip” where users can double 5 to 160 MATIC with 50/50 odds.
All you need to do is have a MetaMask* and Polygon MainNet.

In addition, a lot more games are in development like Rock Paper Scissors, Arcade Pong, Dice, Roulette, Crash course, and more.
In short, I highly recommend you give Maticplay a try and you will see that you will not be disappointed.


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