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Sui Ecosystem Will Collaborate With 11 Gaming Partners to Launch Multiple Games

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Mysten Labs is set to roll out a large number of games on its Sui protocol after making collaboration with several game providers. The Web3 facilitator said it would partner with as many as 11 game providers to go live together with the upcoming Sui blockchain.

The Sui Gamefi blockchain protocol will go live a week from now, on the 15th of May. Mysten Labs has done a great job with the success of the launch of their upcoming blockchain. They raised a whopping $300 million to launch their Sui mainnet last week. The Web3 facilitator plans to become an expansion of a platform that provides access to high-end games. 

According to Mysten Labs CEO Evan Cheng, he says the project will be available for different types of profiles. Players, publishers, and developers would have access to the platform. Cheng says his company is working endlessly to ensure its platform becomes a success.

"Our team has been working tirelessly with some of the most distinguished, recognizable, and innovative gaming brands and creators in the world to build games that offer users brand new experiences on the Sui Layer 1 blockchain. We are excited to start on the summer of Sui. We and our partners have truly enjoyed building games on Sui’s secure, scalable, and easy-to-use infrastructure, and we look forward to continuing to release cutting-edge on-chain games," Cheng said. 

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The Gaming Collaborations

The company plans to weekly unveil its collaborations with gaming partners starting on the 15th of May. Players will get access to play these games once it has been unveiled.

Mysten Labs, during their interview with GameBeat, already has a list of games that will debut on May 15th.  Orange Comet: Final Stardust, Arrivant: Project Eluune, and Talofa: Run Legends are the games that will be making their debut. More games, such as Worlds Beyond, Lucky Kat: Cosmocadia, and Aether Games: Cards of Ethernity, will be making their own debuts after the 15th of May. So far, about 30 game providers would be willing to sign a deal for the upcoming gaming protocol. 

Clive Bennett, the cofounder of Worlds Beyond, said his company would be more than happy to enter a deal with Sui Gamefi. According to the co-founder, entering the deal with Sui aligns with their plan for the future.

"At Worlds Beyond, we’re committed to providing creators with the resources and innovations with the help of Sui to help bring their visions to life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of tools, including our world-building tools, user-generated content digital asset library, and game builder portal – everything creators need to create fully-realized gaming and non-gaming experiences. The future is looking very Sui-eet indeed for blockchain gaming," Bennet said. 

Seascape has also commented on the new deals, saying that Sui is the future of gaming. " Sui chain is the future of gaming, and strategy games in particular. It’s fast, secure, and provides endless possibilities for in-game assets and experiences. Seascape Network is proud to be one of the launching titles," Seascape said.

However, Sui's price hasn't been favourable for investors in the past 24 hours as it has been down by more than 14%.