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Slim Chance for Bullish Crypto Market After Bitcoin Halving - JPMorgan

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read

JPMorgan Chase & Co. analysts cast doubt on the sustainability of the current cryptocurrency market surge, as outlined in their recent report.


The report challenges the optimism surrounding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S., suggesting that the surge may be more about reshuffling funds within the crypto space than a genuine influx of new money.


The team, led by seasoned analyst Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, posits a scenario where funds might move from existing products like Grayscale's bitcoin trust and bitcoin futures ETFs to the newly approved spot bitcoin ETFs.

Regulatory Hurdles Remain Unabated

One vital element influencing market sentiment revolves around recent legal developments involving the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


While victories for Ripple and Grayscale hint at potential regulatory relaxation, JPMorgan analysts exercise caution. They emphasize the speculative nature of regulatory easing, especially given the sector's lack of regulation.


Despite recent setbacks, the analysts foresee persistent regulatory stringency, citing high-profile missteps like the FTX scandal that remain fresh in policymakers' minds.

Bitcoin Halving Effect on Price

The widely anticipated Bitcoin halving event scheduled for April/May 2024, traditionally seen as a precursor to a favourable market shift, is questioned by JPMorgan analysts. They argue that the event's implications are already factored into current Bitcoin valuations.


Adopting a nuanced perspective, the analysts suggest that the halving may not lead to the substantial price increases anticipated by some market participants.


Consequently, the report takes a conservative stance on the potential for a sustained crypto rally, predicting a possible 'buy the rumor/sell the fact' phenomenon after the SEC's expected approval of spot bitcoin ETFs.


 A Closer Look at JPMorgan's Analytical Outlook

JPMorgan has a cautious outlook on the cryptocurrency markets despite recent positive trends. They suggest that the current optimism in the market may not be as strong as some believe.


They also doubt that the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs will lead to capital inflow, instead predicting a capital reallocation within the crypto domain.


JPMorgan considers the global context and notes that similar products in Canada and Europe have not seen significant investor interest, further fueling their skepticism about the potential impact of such products in the U.S. market.


Bitcoin's recent surge to approximately $36,000 prompts JPMorgan analysts to question the rally's sustainability. While the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. has been an enormous catalyst, generating excitement and expectations of new funds entering the market,


JPMorgan's cautious stance emphasizes skepticism about the potential impact of these developments. The surge in interest around the possible ETF approval is seen as a potential redistribution of existing capital, moving from established Bitcoin products to the newly approved ETFs.


As the crypto community awaits the SEC's decision on the ETFs, JPMorgan analysts highlight the already factored-in impact of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event.


The assessment reveals that the current Bitcoin price aligns with an expected 20% drop in the hash rate post-halving, indicating that the effects of the halving event have already been integrated into Bitcoin's current value.


Despite positive market circumstances and massive gains, JPMorgan's analytical outlook suggests a measured approach to the bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency markets.