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Shocking! Crypto Millionaire Gruesomely Murdered in Argentina

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
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A magnifying glass over piles of paper



It's a gloomy period for the crypto industry after a crypto millionaire influencer was found dead. The manner in which he was killed raised a lot of questions amidst sadness.

From police reports, he was shot with a gun before the killer proceeded to chop off his body parts. Fernando Pérez Algaba's body parts were found in a suitcase in Argentina, where he was murdered. 

What Happened? 

The cause and manner of Algaba's death are extremely upsetting. Algaba is one of those crypto millionaires who maintain an active social life. Algaba had millions of followers on social media platforms and was always known to post himself working out in gyms, driving fancy cars, and dropping motivational quotes. But things went awry for the crypto millionaire when he got himself into some debt.


Apparently, bad investments in the crypto and stock market ended up in massive debt. He was also suspected of owing a considerable amount of taxes to the Argentinian government. In fact, some of the suspects in the killing are those he borrowed from. According to La Nacon news, Algaba had taken a $40,000 loan from a gang, Barra Bravas. This gang is suspected of having a hand in his death. 


In the town of Ingeniero in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 23, children playing nearby found a red suitcase. Inside the suitcase, they found the dismembered body parts of Fernando Pérez Algaba and alerted their parents. The police were immediately summoned, and investigations went into full effect.


From the autopsy, Algaba was shot thrice before the killer butchered him. Due to how clean and smoothly the crime was executed, the police suspected it to be a hired killer. One arrest has been made in relation to the case. 

Fernando Pérez Algaba Difficult Life


Fernando Pérez Algaba selfie picture
The deceased billionaire Fernando Pérez Algaba (Twitter)


Before his death, Fernando Pérez Algaba's life had been filled with many difficulties. As someone born in the poor parts of Argentina, he faced a gruesome battle with life. As a grown man, Algaba started his life as a pizza delivery man. However, he has always dreamt of living a wealthy life. So he went into crypto and stock market trading, where he charted his path to fortune. 


In an interview with a local media named Aire, Algaba revealed how much he suffered. After being a pizza delivery guy for some time, Algaba had moved on to become a car salesman before trading. 


"The path was not easy. When I was a boy I also had a spare parts house and a car wash, I was even a coordinator of graduate trips. I had to find a way to raise money. Now I work on what I like," Algaba said. 


He also criticized the poor state of Argentina in the interview, saying, "This country accompanies you in profits, but not in losses. If you have a butcher shop and you are Things rot, the State does not replace your merchandise, it kills you with taxes. We are on our way to Venezuela. The economy is going into a tailspin, and I am not going to stay suffering to see how everything collapses."


However, everything ended with the death of Algaba. The police are still investigating to make more precise conclusions on those behind his death.