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See What Solana's New Smartphone Saga Looks Like

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Solana's Web3 Phone Saga on a wooden table with its pack and manual booklet

Solana is set to release a Web3 smartphone which will be available to the public in a month. The company confirmed they have already shipped to users who pre-ordered the smartphone. CEO Anatoly Yakovenko already commented on the new development, saying that the crypto industry needed a smartphone that accommodated their own needs. He used Apple as an example for this claim, saying the tech giant has not integrated the crypto industry into their products despite Bitcoin becoming a household name. With the new Solana phone, users would have their default crypto wallet, accompanied by the necessary details like the secret phrase. The phone will also feature the integration of other dApps. 

The developers behind the new Solana phone believe this is an essential development for the crypto industry and an improvement for the blockchain after a turbulent period. The lead developer behind the project said they are already reaching out to important players in the Solana blockchain and the whole crypto industry to help make the project a success. Those who already have dApps have integrated them into the Solana phone. "We've been reaching out and engaging with big players in the Solana ecosystem and those who recognize that mobile has won for everything else. A lot of developers realize mobile will win eventually, and they want to be there when it happens," the engineering lead at Solana Mobile said. 

Solana smartphone saga on a surface with its sim slot out

More Details About the Solana Phone 

According to early users of the phone at techcrunch.com, the smartphone is packaged in a black box and has all the needed qualities to give you a good experience in web3. 

The phone comes with a seed phrase card and a USB-C charger. With the Solana Saga price at $1000, the phone comes with an Android 13 operating system and a physical display of 6.67-inch OLED display. The storage capability of the phone is very expansive and would allow crypto users to store as much data as possible. With 512 GB storage space, the phone also has an extensive battery system that lasts for a long time. According to those that tested the phone at techcrunch.com, they said the battery of the phone lasts for a long time. "I used Saga as my work phone for a few days. The phone's 4011 mAh battery lasted me about 1.5 days, starting at 82% on Monday night when I unboxed it to about 4% Wednesday morning. So I'd say it works well as far as battery life is concerned," a critic at techcrunch.com said. 

Magic Eden Left out of the Solana Phone 

A preview of the phone shows that Magic Eden is not part of the dApps integrated into the phone. Initially, Magic Eden was trying to reach an agreement with Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) last year to be part of the dApps on the new phone. 

Chris Akhavan, chief gaming officer at Magic Eden, while speaking about their situation, said they would soon release their dApps in the next two weeks. While that is yet to be seen, CEO Anatoly Yakovenko revealed their target market. Apparently, he said the Solana phone is "targeting the hardcore people who know what self-custody means. You gotta start with a group that loves this product and grow from there." 

"We want this to be someone's phone. This is the only phone I carry, I don't have a second phone; it does everything a phone should do plus web3 things," Laver Added.