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Secure Yourself Against Identity Theft: Subscribe Now To Identity Guard

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By vot_crypto_ad - - 5 Mins Read

Cybercriminals are developing sophisticated methods of targeting individuals and companies. Personal information is used to access banking details and defraud government institutions and businesses.

These crimes are occurring more frequently every year. In reality, the Federal Trade Commission received close to 2.8 million fraud reports in 2021. About 42 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in the same year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research.

Never underestimate fraudsters who are taking advantage of digital payment platforms and un-secure banking transactions. 

What Causes Identity Theft?

When someone becomes a victim of identity theft, hackers steal their personally identifiable information (PII), which they utilize for financial benefits. PII like your Social Security number (SSN), birth date, or even the specifics of your bank account can be used to assume your identity. Victims of identity theft can be forced to pay for the harm the thief caused.

Your medical information may also be stolen by cybercriminals to access free healthcare. Fraudulently obtained personal information may also be used to apply for unemployment benefits or create loans in your name.

Identity Guard: Overview

Identity Guard is one of the top identity theft prevention services owned by Aura. Accessible to individuals and businesses, Identity Guard prides itself on being the #1 rated identity theft protection service by U.S. News in 2022. 

Over the years, Identity Guard has expanded the range of its products to include services for protecting against identity fraud, data protection, and device security.

Upgrade Your Protection with Identity Guard

Online transactions like banking and shopping leave a digital footprint that can be traced by cybercriminals. That is why Identity Guard is here to shield you from growing cyber threats such as credit card fraud and identity theft. 

Identity Guard integrates IBM Watson artificial intelligence that is alerted when data breaches and security leaks occur. 

The privacy of your most personal information is our top priority. Proactive alerts from Watson enable you to take action before further damage is done. The earlier you respond to a threat to your identity, the better. 

Identity Guard guarantees constant scanning by monitoring millions of information across the web. With IBM Watson's powerful scanning ability, more threats are detected in a shorter period of time. 

Identity Guard provides 24/7 protection against identity theft. The fastest alerts will come through emails and mobile app notifications for your convenience. Any suspicious activity will not be missed. 

Identity Guard is your trusted partner in recovery

The recovery team at Identity Guard is equipped with the tools and knowledge in resolving any threat detected. With a personal case manager who will assist you from start to well beyond the finish, you'll never have to deal with identity theft alone.

Identity Guard provides critical features such as credit monitoring services and a $1M insurance that covers certain types of losses and fees due to identity theft. 

For an eligible identity theft incident, you'll be compensated for travel expenses, lost wages, and legal fees to help resolve your case.

Identity Guard’s Competitive Pricing for All Users 

As the #1 rated identity theft protection service, Identity Theft expands its protection to more customers by providing introductory prices suited to an individual or a family.

LifeLock Select: $9.99 per month

LifeLock Advantage: $19.99 per month

LifeLock Ultimate Plus: $29..99 per month. 

An introductory plan worth just $7.50 a month is an ideal choice for anyone who wants immediate protection with an affordable budget point. For individual customers, the basic plan includes a risk management report, high-risk transaction monitoring, and safe browsing tools aside from data breach notifications. 

For a price of $29.99 a month, complete identity theft protection includes an ideal family plan for those who want coverage for a complete household. The Premium Identity package is suitable for families and offers bank account monitoring, social media insights reports, and USPS address change monitoring aside from credit and debit card monitoring tools.