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Play-To-Own Will Make Web3 Gaming Ecosystem More Worthwhile for Gamers

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash |
A gaming pad with coins on and beneath it
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash

One of the major selling points of Web3 is the ability to allow users to gain control of the internet and control what happens there. It also applies to the gaming sector as it seeks to enable gamers to take an active part in what is happening to the gaming ecosystem. To achieve this, a play-to-earn gameplay model was introduced, allowing players to play games and earn rewards for doing so. These rewards were mostly based on cryptocurrencies and other assets such as NFTs. Especially with NFTs, these collectibles are used by gamers to make money by selling them off in the NFT markets. 

The introduction of Web3/blockchain games improved the concept of gamefi and how people perceived it to be. Blockchain games changed the future of gaming as they added transparency, and gamers had more control over what happens in a game. Apart from that, people could now make a living by playing games. Games such as the Sandbox, Cryptokitty, and BLOCKLORDS allowed gamers to earn additional rewards. 

But there's a model of gameplay which many think would greatly benefit gamers more than ever. It is called play-to-own games. According to those promoting this model of gameplay, it would help solve problems that the play-to-earn model is yet to solve. According to analysts, the play-to-own gameplay model will help improve the role tokens and other digital assets play in games. It also gives gamers a higher level of ownership in the assets they earn from playing games. 

Those promoting the play-to-own gameplay model say that play-to-earn has changed how gamers perceive games. According to them, games are made to make owners relax and have fun. But nowadays, most gamers play games to make money and not have fun. While speaking about the cons of play-to-earn games, promoters of play-to-own said play-to-earn games now present themselves as a gamble. To them, many players are playing with the hope of winning a considerable amount of money from the assets and cryptocurrencies they earn from games. This is not how it was supposed to be. 

How Will Play-To-Own Work? 

Proponents of play-to-own say it would take back games to what they stood for in the past. They say games are made to be enjoyed and not used to make money. However, the play-to-own gameplay model is said to be aligned with Web3. 

While players can still earn in-game rewards, they would use them solely in the game. Once a player is rewarded while playing the game, they use the rewards in the game. In other words, the play-to-own model would combine web 2 and 3.0. Although the gameplay would totally be like a web2 game, it would have the dynamics of a Web3. 

In web2 games, your rewards can easily be taken away from you anytime. For instance, when playing Call of Duty, your in-game rewards are taken from you whenever it expires. Play-to-own games want to operate differently. While it still maintains a type of gameplay as a web2, it would allow players to have complete control of their rewards and do whatever they want with it.