Litecoin MimbleWimble April Update

2020 marches on, another month has passed and with it a new update to the Litecoin MimbleWimble (MW) proposal has been published, so let’s jump into it.

Burkett the lead developer of the project has reported in his latest blog post that he has “built out a functional testing framework that builds valid headers, blocks, and transactions”, this has been used to conduct “(mostly) complete end-to-end block validation tests”.

Steps have also been taken towards integrating the work done so far within the Litecoin Codebase, starting with ConnectBlock logic, which as the name suggests:

“Is the part where blocks are validated to ensure valid UTXOs are being spent, no double spends, etc, and is also responsible for actually adding the blocks to the chain.”

As this work has just begun it is yet to be published although as Burkett writes he is aiming on making it publicly available on GitHub by next month, likely in time for the MW May update.

“I haven’t created the repo for this portion yet, but will try to get that out on github sometime in the next few weeks, once I’ve had the chance to clean the code up a bit.”

Although Burkett is hesitant on the next steps after ConnectBlock, he is clear that May will mostly involve ‘continued integration with the LTC codebase, and lots more testing’. As for Grin++, the team has just released the first non beta release candidate they are calling v1.0.0, a big step forward for the stability of the protocol.

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