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K-Drama Inspired NFTs Would Be Sponsored by a Crypto.com and Studio Dragon Partnership

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Source: Klook |
A scene in the series crash landing on you
Source: Klook

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com has announced its partnership with a Korean drama production company in a bid to help them infiltrate Korean drama NFTs into the marketplace. Crypto.com announced on its website, saying that the partnership will help introduce K-Drama content into the NFT world. 

The official statement read, "Global cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com announced today that it had signed an MOU with Studio Dragon to actively support the entry of K-content into NFTs. Based on the MOU signed in August 2022, Crypto.com will partner with Studio Dragon to showcase their drama IP as NFTs. As their first project, the two companies will release the <Crash Landing on You> and <Start-Up> collaboration edition of Studio Dragon’s art toy DearRo on February 8th."

The NFTs issued by the Korean drama distributor Studio Dragon was inspired by some Korean drama series such as Crash Landing on You and many others. Crypto.com and Korean drama distributor Studio Dragon plans to release the special editions of art toy DearRo NFTs on the 8th of this month. 

Crypto.com has acknowledged that their recent moves within the entertainment industry are their strategy for integrating crypto into the industry. Last year, they partnered with Korean entertainment agency Fantagio to create several NFT projects. 

In their recent statement, the crypto firm also revealed that their partnership with different entertainment companies would help drive crypto adoption in this web3 age. 

"Crypto.com has been supporting fans around the world to experience K-contents. The company has presented a new fandom culture for the Web3 age, releasing the ‘Mamamoo NFT Special Collection’ with perks and membership benefits in partnership with K-pop contents NFT platform Metabeat last August, and the metaverse idol Meta Miu’s music NFT in collaboration with general entertainment company Fantagio," the company said. 

Singapore-based Crypto.com Pushing Korean Art and Culture to the World 

Patrick Yoon, General Manager of Crypto.com Korea, in a statement, said that the new collaborations to create Korean drama NFTs would help introduce their culture to their users worldwide. 

"Through this MoU with Studio Dragon, we plan to develop new ways for fans around the world to experience K contents. Crypto.com will continue to collaborate with large content studios and management companies on their IPs and introduce Korean culture and arts to our 80 million users worldwide," Patrick Yoon added. 

DearRo is an art toy that is the inspiration behind the new NFT that Crypto.com is about to create. It is an art toy that is about a dragon that likes Korean drama content and likes to imitate its favorite actors in each movie. 

Crypto.com and its partners plan to release a collection of 500 NFTs, two global drama IPs, and six main character costume cards after this drop. With the partnership, those involved plan to come together and release an NFT whenever a featured K-Drama is about to be released. Crypto.com has promised to announce more details concerning the recent developments as many crypto enthusiasts are curious to know how they plan to meet their objectives. If things go to plan, it means Crypto.com and other crypto users will start getting access to Korean art-inspired NFTs.