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Justin Sun Wants TRX as Legal Tender in 5 Countries

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Source: U.Today |

Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun has announced in a tweet that one of his major goals in 2023 is to push the adoption of Tron as legal tender in at least five countries. The crypto founder on the 29th of January made this announcement. Before making his final verdict known to the public, Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun previously highlighted the importance of making the token a legal tender in different countries. 

According to the TRX coin founder, the adoption of TRX worldwide will help to drive more adoption of other cryptocurrencies worldwide. Despite making this bold claim and goal, Justin Sun was clever enough to note that his goal was very ambitious. However, he mentioned that with dedication and hard work, he and his team could achieve it. 

In a tweet, Justin Sun said, "My KPI for 2023 is to get 5 countries to adopt #TRX as legal tender. 🇩🇲🇸🇽. By 2023, I hope to see #TRX widely accepted and used in at least 5 countries as legal tender, and for this to be just the beginning of wider adoption of cryptocurrency in general. This is an ambitious goal, but I am confident that with hard work and dedication, we can make it a reality."

A Major Country to Legalize Tron Soon

In a separate tweet, Justin Sun hinted that a major country would make Tron a legal tender soon. The tweet was made on the 28th of January, and the crypto founder said the move will allow crypto assets within the Tron network to be "recognized by the government as a valid form of payment for goods and services."

"A major country will legalize #TRX and its ecosystem tokens as legal tender soon. This is a huge step forward for the legitimacy and mainstream adoption of #TRON and other digital currencies," Justin Sun said on Twitter


The TRX coin founder said the adoption of the cryptocurrency as a legal tender would increase the sense of trust people have in the token. He also mentioned that it would help to drive cryptocurrency usage and more activities on the Tron network. "One of the major advantages of making TRX legal tender is that it will increase its legitimacy and usage. When a government recognizes a digital currency as legal tender, it gives a sense of trust and security to the general public, making it more likely to invest and use it."

" Another advantage is that it will make it easier for individuals and businesses to transact with TRX. With the government's recognition, businesses will be more willing to accept TRX as payment, and individuals will be more comfortable using it to make purchases," Justin Sun added. 

In a series of rants about the Tron network and the general crypto industry, Justin Sun said in a separate January tweet that users should not be US-centric. In other words, he encouraged crypto enthusiasts not to be too dependent on crypto firms from the US. 

"As we work towards the adoption of #TRX as legal tender, let's not be too US-centric. US🇺🇸 regulation is important, but we should focus on the 8 billion people on Earth. The US is just one country, and while it may be a major player in the crypto world, it's not the only one," Justin Sun said in another tweet.