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Joe Biden's New Campaign Strategy Could Mean He Secretly Supports Bitcoin

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Two pieces of coins, inscribed with Joe Biden
biden-btc-0 |
Two pieces of coins, inscribed with Joe Biden


There's this chance. A slight chance that Joe Biden might actually be a secret Bitcoin admirer.

It's puzzling that he decided to use a Bitcoin-related meme as campaign material when there are so many ideas to choose from. This development in the crypto industry has sparked speculation about whether the president of America supports Bitcoin. However, let's all hold our horses. It may be best to wait for an official statement before assuming his stance.


Let's rewind through Joe Biden's run as the president of America. For the crypto industry, it will go into the history books as one of the hellish periods the industry has ever faced. Using government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission, Joe Biden's tenure continues to be scary for many crypto firms.


It has seen some of the biggest crypto firms served with lawsuits. Somehow, it is forcing many crypto firms to wrap it up and search for solace in the Middle East. Immediately he entered office in 2020. His tenure kicked off with the XRP lawsuit, which is still dragging on to date. This year, Binance US was hit with 13 charges for breaking regulatory rules. 


Back to the present day, Joe Biden seems to have pulled out one of the biggest plot twists on crypto Twitter. Joe Biden's Twitter showed a campaign video where he drank from a cup while promoting himself to the American people. However, the ever-active eyes of the crypto brethren were able to find out a very delicate detail of the video. Plastered on the mug Joe Biden was drinking from had his image on it with laser eyes!


Joe Biden holding up a mug
The mug had the popular laser eyes headshot of Biden (Joe Biden/Twitter)


What is the Significance of Joe Biden's Campaign Video? 

For starters, the laser eyes are an age-long meme in the crypto industry. The laser eyes meme is a Pro-Bitcoin meme that became famous as the whole crypto industry hoped for Bitcoin price to increase to a certain level.


Although this didn't go as planned regarding Bitcoin price, it is still a nice meme people use to signify their interest or support for Bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrencies. Many elites and celebrities have often used the laser eyes meme to represent being Pro-Bitcoin. Elon Musk, Michael Saylor and even Tom Brady have shared the laser eyes meme in the past to indicate their support for Bitcoin. 


Micheal Saylor tweet
Michael Saylor rocks the Bitcoin laser eyes as a Twitter profile photo (Twitter)


Now you have a backdrop; it was a surprise to see Joe Biden drinking from a mug with his image and the laser eyes. It didn't take long for crypto enthusiasts to flood the comment section, discussing a potential switch in Biden's campaign. Maybe, just maybe, Joe Biden might actually be a Bitcoin enthusiast who has been hiding. Or, he wants to use the pro-Bitcoin gimmick and garner more votes and support for the upcoming elections. 


As usual, crypto enthusiasts didn't hesitate to dive into the large array of questions. "Tastes like Bitcoin!" one of the comments said. 


"He doesn't realize that his cup is a #Bitcoin    advertisement," another X (Twitter) user said. "you think? I believe he's just trying to catch some other voters this way. definitely not his own idea but the idea of his marketing team," a user said in reply.


What do you think? Is Biden trying to tease the crypto community, or is this another misunderstood campaign strategy?