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Former Twitter Boss Has Raised $6.2M to Help Bitcoin Miners

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Twitter co-founder and EX-CEO Jack Dorsey in France 2019
Twitter co-founder and EX-CEO Jack Dorsey | Frederic Legrand - COMEO

Dorsey led a $6.2M funding round for Mummolin, the parent company of Bitcoin mining pool Ocean.

Ocean's launch supports miner incentives and strengthens Bitcoin's mining during post-halving downturns.

Twitter co-founder and EX-CEO Jack Dorsey in France 2019
Twitter co-founder and EX-CEO Jack Dorsey | Frederic Legrand - COMEO



Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a notable figure in the tech industry, has emerged as a pivotal investor in the pursuit of advancing Bitcoin mining practices.


Dorsey, known for his advocacy for Bitcoin, recently led a huge funding round, amassing $6.2 million for Mummolin, the parent company behind the novel Bitcoin mining pool called Ocean.


Ocean's primary objective is to revolutionize the conventional process of Bitcoin mining. By decentralizing it, this mining pool seeks to empower miners to receive block rewards directly from Bitcoin itself, circumventing the reliance on BTC mining pools.


The funding spearheaded by Dorsey is poised to facilitate the launch of Ocean, envisaging a more transparent mining protocol. This approach ensures miners obtain their rewards directly from Bitcoin rather than intermediaries, thereby redefining the essence of mining autonomy.

Unveiling Ocean's Mission and Purpose

Mummolin's co-founders, Ian Northon and Luke Dashjr, emphasized the significance of this investment. Northon stated that the raised capital will be used for general corporate endeavors, with notable backing from established figures within the Bitcoin community.


Dashjr echoed the sentiments, elucidating that Ocean serves as an innovative mining pool, reinstating the true essence of miners' roles.


He emphasized transparency as Ocean's core tenet, distinguishing it as the sole non-custodial pool, guaranteeing miners are the direct beneficiaries of Bitcoin's new block rewards.

Addressing Centralization Concerns in Bitcoin Mining

Mark Artymko, Mummolin's co-founder and president, emphasized the inherent issues within traditional BTC mining pools. These pools often withhold block rewards and transaction fees, bestowing undue power upon themselves.


Ocean's non-custodial approach directly counters this, assuring miners of their rightful rewards without the risk of manipulation or withholding.


Expressing unwavering confidence in Ocean's potential, Jack Dorsey affirmed his commitment to initiatives benefiting Bitcoin's broader ecosystem.


For Dorsey, backing a project aligning with Bitcoin's ethos becomes an effortless decision as it intertwines personal and communal interests. His involvement shows a strategic move towards promoting decentralization within Bitcoin mining, thwarting future centralization threats.

Jack Dorsey's Transition: From Twitter to Ocean

Jack Dorsey's departure from Twitter after an Elon Musk takeover to pursue a Bitcoin initiative highlights his growing interest in the digital asset space.


Despite his foundational role in Twitter's meteoric rise and subsequent sale, Dorsey's tilt towards digital assets shows a compelling focus and investment strategy shift.

Bitcoin's Future: Ocean's Contribution Amidst Halving Prospects

Ocean's unveiling precedes Bitcoin's impending fourth halving event, anticipated on April 17, 2024.


As Bitcoin's mining reward is set to halve to 3.125 BTC per block, the launch of Ocean assumes greater significance. It aims to sustain miner incentives despite diminished rewards, fortifying Bitcoin's mining landscape against potential downturns.

Moving forward

Jack Dorsey's investment in Ocean marks a huge financial endorsement and symbolizes a broader shift in the crypto sphere.


With his support, Ocean aims to navigate a new path for Bitcoin mining that provides greater autonomy and transparency to miners, while remaining aligned with the decentralized ethos of the cryptocurrency community.