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Is Pepe Doomed? Experts Unveil Pepe Replacement

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Pepe token logon on a button on a keyboard
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Pepe token logon on a button on a keyboard



At one point in the crypto industry, the Pepe meme coin was the only cryptocurrency that beginners and expert traders discussed. In general terms, it was the man of the moment in the crypto industry. It continued that way, with so many bullish trends even when other cryptocurrencies were running into losses.


During that time, Pepe experienced numerous surges, which made many crypto traders wealthy. However, the coin's value has been consistently declining without indicating a rebound. In fact, there are predictions that the Pepe token may eventually become down to zero.


But since Sunday, the Pepe meme coin is already facing a new dilemma in the new week. It is already down by more than 6% in the past week at the time of writing. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Within the past month, Pepe saw one of the bloodiest months since its launch.


After analyzing the charts, it is evident that the Pepe token has experienced a decline of more than 29% in the previous 30 days. Unfortunately, this trend will likely continue. As with many meme coins, traders tend to flock to the next trend once the hype around a particular meme coin dies down. Regrettably, the outlook for Pepe is not optimistic at the moment.


Pepe token monthly price chart on Bybit
Pepe price chart (Bybit)

There seems to be a new version of Pepe in the crypto industry, known as Pepe 2.0. It is currently in the presale phase, and many people are eager to get involved. Perhaps it's time for Pepe to step aside and let the new version take over. What do you think?

Meet the Pepe 2.0 Token 

Maybe the reign of the frogs didn't last as long as it wanted to. Another dog is in town, and will soon take over the market, just like Pepe had done before it was dethroned.


Shibie is the new token, a combined representation of the Shiba Inu dog and Barbie. This gives the token a very good virtual representation. Perhaps you can call it a beautiful dog-Barbie. Imagine the ever-popular Shiba Inu and buzzing Hollywood Barbie joining forces. The crypto market is shaking. 


It didn't take long for the project developers to put this token on a presale. The presale price looks like a joke, as many whales and investors are about to cash out again. At $0.000167, there's probably no better time to buy the Shibie token than now.


That's precisely why it is named Pepe 2.0 because of the opportunity it presents to make as much profit as possible. Pepe, on the other hand, looks dead. Except if there's any miracle, we might as well say goodbye. 

Pepe Price Analysis 

Pepe token is down, and there's no doubt about that. For a meme coin that has a deficit of more than 25% within the past month, the chances of making it out alive are very slim. Extremely slim. Within the past week, it has been down by more than 6%. And within the past 24 hours, it has dropped by more than 3%. 


Pepe currently has no plan at the moment. Some of the milestones it claimed it would achieve are currently abandoned. But generally, things aren't looking good.