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Is Craig Wright a Fraud? Mystery Details He May be Hiding

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Side portrait photo of Craig Wright
Photo: craigwright.net |



Side portrait photo of Craig Wright
Photo: craigwright.net


Craig Wright is back in the news again, and it is not looking good at the moment. There's an ongoing court case involving Craig Wright, and he was required to sign an attestation form.


According to his submitted form, he claimed to earn a monthly income of approximately $13,250. However, there seems to be a problem with this claim. It appears that Craig Wright's monthly expenses far exceed his stated income. The attorney and judge are perplexed as to how Wright manages to cover his expenses with such a low income. This raises questions about the accuracy of his income claim.


Based on the information provided in Craig Wright's attestation form, he spends $38,000 on his living expenses. The form indicates that he does not own any real estate or hold a bank account and that he resides with his spouse, who is currently unemployed.


Craig Wright is popular in the crypto world for claiming to have created Bitcoin. Although it isn't verified, he has often touted himself as the creator of the apex cryptocurrency. US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart had ordered Wright to fill out Form 1.977, and he didn't include his Bitcoin holdings. It is speculated that Craig Wright's Bitcoin should reach a certain high level.


Leaving his Bitcoin out of these legal papers means that he claims he doesn't have any. According to a testament from Craig Wright, part of his monthly expenses are paid using a credit card from American Express. But there's a catch here. Assuming Craig Wright uses American Express to pay for some of his expenses, he needs a bank account to repay.


Craig Wright US Trying to Hide His Assets 

According to one of the attorneys presiding over the case, Craig Wright is trying to cover the amount of money he has. According to attorney Andrew Brenner, who represents W&K Info Defense Research LLC in the court case, the consensus on Craig Wright's behavior is that he is trying to hide how much he owns and earns from the law court. 


According to reports from Law360, the attorney representing W&K Info Defense Research LLC believes that Wright might be selling some of his Bitcoins to compensate for the gap between his monthly income and expenses. However, these attorneys didn't have any substantial evidence yet regarding these claims. Another line of thought is that the long-term associate of Craig Wright might be the one supplying him with the money he uses for his monthly expenses.


Calvin Ayre or one of his associates might be the one doing this. But in line with the previous idea, it is just a rumor as there's no verifiable proof of his associate or partners supplying him with the money he uses for monthly expenses. 

A Mysterious Bank Account 

Craig Wright having a credit card raises questions about if he has a bank account. "Perhaps Dr. Wright keeps all of his money in a shoebox. You don’t just show up to the local AmEx office with a wad of cash to pay your credit card bill," Berner said. 


Looking at the options, the suspicions of a mystery bank account can be justified. American Express does not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. In the same way, they don't also accept cash payments. So either Craig Wright has an unknown bank account, or he is lying.