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How You Can Be Debt-Free With Low Income

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By adminpushub - - 5 Mins Read
Flow income earners can still be debt-free. We featured 3 interesting stories of low-income earners who cleared off their debts in a short time, read on to learn how they did it.

Everyone nurses the dreams of living free of debt and having strong financial capacities. However, our dreams may be dashed on the rocks when we make poor financial choices or fall into unfortunate situations that may affect our income or financial stability.

Debt is a cause of increasing worry in the United States. Experian records that Americans owe an average debt between $20,803 - $146,164. With an average minimum wage of $15,080 per annum, they may be limited options for residents to pay back their debts on time and comfortably.

Nonetheless, earning at least $1,500 monthly can quickly repay your loans and be debt-free. Thanks to the brilliant initiative from the TurboDebt team, financial experts are ready to help you clear your debts and get back on track with a clear financial aim.

We spoke with some US residents who earn more or less than $1,500 per month and were impressed with how quickly they could clear their debts through TurboDebt’s assistance — some being debt-free in as little as 6 months.

What they told us

Stephanie Cruger

Stephanie is a single mother living in Ohio. With three little kids to fend for, she had to dangle between jobs making a little over $2,000 per month. However, when Stephanie fell sick late in 2019 and couldn’t maintain her job, her debts soared.

“It was a crazy period for me. I couldn’t afford to get my babies the right foods or the right clothes. I was too sick and broke to hire help to take care of them properly,” Stephanie told us.

When she eventually got better, her debts piled up. With increasing inflation and more expenses to make, Stephanie was unable to pay off her loans until she started working out her debt with the help of TurboDebt.

“They got an unbelievable team who understood that they could be people struggling to live beyond their debts. I had an amazing time learning strategy to keep a steady income, and best of all, I cleared my debts in less than 24 months… a lot less than I expected!”

Tom Briggs

Tom had a more interesting story. He was well-off a couple of years back but took so many poor investment decisions that twisted his fortune and plunged him into heavy debt.

“I felt like I was fading away. My businesses were crashing. I laid off so many loyal staff and still couldn’t afford to pay the rest. It got so bad I couldn’t deliver client requests cause the money was just never enough”.

Tom took to gambling to find a quick way out of the incoming total crumble, but it only increased his debt and scarred him psychologically. 

When he decided to work with the TurboDebt team, he eventually cleared his debt and even got his crippling businesses back to life following the team’s expert advice. As Tom told us, he was amazed that “debt could be cleared this easily.”

Elvis Delsink

American millennials are largely a new breed of victims of financial incapacity, no thanks to the extreme indebtedness from college loans. Elvis, a graduate student in California, had to take multiple loans to handle the cost of his education. However, without sufficient financial intelligence, his debt made his life miserable.

Although he was able to get a job after graduating, he still couldn’t pay off his loans for the next three years as the interest rates piled. His credit score took a negative turn, depressing the young school graduate. Knowing that student loans are rarely discharged in bankruptcy courts, Elvis couldn’t file for bankruptcy and kept trying hard to work out his debt.

However, with the help of the experienced TurboDebt team, Elvis found solutions to his daring problems and cleared his student loans in 22 months. He was also given expert advice on managing his finances as a young American and the best options he could grow his wealth with.

“It’s surreal. Having experts work you out of a situation that haunted me for years and stole my focus. TurboDebt made me realize that careful planning can get anyone out of dire financial issues. The loans I repaid were lesser and didn’t take as much time to clear after I followed the strategy suggested to me by the TurboDebt team,” Elvis told us.

What you should know

Like Stephanie, Tom, and Elvis, we might not foresee the hard times coming. However, with careful planning with an expert team, you can clear your debts and begin on a fresher slate with a clearer roadmap.

However, you must book a free consultancy session with the TurboDebt team to get these benefits. During this session, you would intimate them of your issues and receive workable suggestions on how to solve them.

Next, work with them to select the best program that would easily help you work out your debt without having an extreme hit on your credit score. Note that your collaboration is necessary to get a better solution to your debt issues, therefore, ensure you implement the suggestions as directed.