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Hilarious Crypto Dad Jokes Shared by Redditors for Father's Day

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Afro-haired man laughing
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Afro-haired man laughing


It is that time of the year again when fathers are celebrated all over the world for the impact they have. Many would use this opportunity to celebrate their uncles, grandfathers, brothers, and dads. Whichever the case, the crypto industry is not always left out of the fun during fathers days. In fact, if you have stayed long enough in the crypto industry, you would know it is never dull. 


So this fathers Day, some crypto Redditors took it upon themselves to dig up Bitcoin jokes made 2 years ago during a Father's Day celebration. The joke thread was a combination of puns, easy, Bitcoin, and technical jokes. 


Going over the crypto jokes on Reddit, many of them will surely make you burst out laughing. A lot of them are combinations of puns here and there. The first crypto jokes Reddit user who started the whole joke thread two years ago had the username Cintre, and he made the first joke before others. 


"Why do bloods cannot buy crypto?


Because it’s a crisps-to-currency."

If Ethereum Was a Bodybuilder 

Many of the jokes made under this thread would sometimes require some technical knowledge of the crypto industry to understand a joke fully. This is the case when a user makes a joke about Ethereum being a bodybuilder. The user named the_far_yard made an excellent joke about Ethereum.


"If ETH was a body-builder, what would they drink?


Wei protein." 


To understand this joke, you must know that Wei is the smallest denomination of the Ethereum token. 


The Redditor the_far_yard wasn't done yet, as they soon posted another dad joke under the thread.


" What do you call a DOGE that you can buy with 1 Satoshi?




(This is even better in Malaysian or Indonesian language, because 'Satu' means one (1))." 

Crypto National Dish 

You’d love this crypto joke made by a user named Killertimme.


"What is the national dish of crypto?



Where Do Penguins Store Their Crypto? 

This other crypto joke was good, as it was a combination of puns and could be easily understood even by beginners. A Redditor made it with the username Disp2. 


"Where does a penguin keep its crypto?"


"In a cold wallet."

A man kaughing

The Green Band 

A user named repostssleuthbot made a joke about the fluctuations in the crypto market, which we enjoyed so much.


"Did you know that the band green day got their name from last month when each band member's portfolio averaged +25%?" 


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More Crypto Jokes 

Under the thread, many other Redditors had more dad jokes under their sleeve. One of the Redditors with the username cheats_on_seats, posted another joke, saying," 


Dad: "Want to hear a joke about Cardano and Harmony?"


Degenerate Son: "Sure"


Dad: Ponders.......


Dad: "Never mind, I forgot it."


Degenerate Son: "That's ok"


Dad: "It's a shame.... I thought I ADA good ONE."


Degenerate Son: Vaporises."


A Redditor with the username NordicJedi made another crypto joke related to Cardano (ADA) token. 

Son: Hey dad! I decided to take your advice and invest in Cardano.


Dad: ADA boy!" 


Turns out Doge wasn’t left out of the comic fest. A user gentijenji had a hilarious one that referenced the popular meme token.


“What did the DOGE tyoken say to the CATE token?”


“I hope they don’t make us fork"