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Germany May Shock the Crypto World by Making Bitcoin Legal Tender

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Pieces of bitcoins; Germany
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Pieces of bitcoins; Germany's National flag graffiti illustration
Featured | Shuttestock




German lawmaker and politician Joana Cotar has made a surprising announcement - she plans to introduce a law to make Bitcoin a legal tender in Germany.


The goal is to establish a regulatory structure for Bitcoin that will offer legal protection and tackle issues like money laundering and tax fraud. This move could be a significant step towards the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies in Germany.


Let's take a closer look at this story.


Bitcoin as legal tender

Joana Cotar's focus on Bitcoin rather than other cryptocurrencies reflects the view of many in the crypto community that Bitcoin is the most promising digital asset.


As part of her efforts to educate and advocate for Bitcoin, Cotar has launched the "Bitcoin in the Bundestag" campaign to raise awareness of Bitcoin among her colleagues in the German parliament. This campaign is part of a more extensive effort to promote the adoption of Bitcoin in Germany.


Cotar brought the idea of bitcoin as legal tender to educate and inform other politicians about the benefits of Bitcoin.


In a nutshell, she wants to highlight the privacy and security advantages of Bitcoin, which she believes are essential considerations for any government considering its adoption. She also brings to light the freedom and decentralization aspects that come with Bitcoin. 



Joana Cotar
Joana Cotar | Deutscher Bundestag/YT



In addition to promoting Bitcoin, Cotar has also spoken out against the European Central Bank's plans for a digital euro.


She believes that the ECB's digital currency would be a dangerous and unnecessary development and that it is motivated by political and economic interests rather than a genuine desire to improve people's lives.


In a recent speech, Cotar proudly wore a Bitcoin shirt that boldly inscribed, "Nobody needs the digital euro," except for the ECB and politicians who have ulterior motives.


What is Cotar's view?

In Cotar's opinion, Bitcoin is a valuable asset that needs legal protection and regulatory clarity. She advocates for robust privacy safeguards and security standards, emphasizing the importance of striking a balance between the need for regulation and the need to prevent over-regulation.


Additionally, she acknowledges the potential risks associated with Bitcoin, such as money laundering, tax evasion, and other illegal activities.


Joana Cotar has clarified that she is only interested in Bitcoin and not other cryptocurrencies. Her focus on Bitcoin is notable, as there is currently a global debate about the role of cryptocurrencies in finance. This is a clear statement of support for Bitcoin at a time when its future in Germany's crypto regulation is still uncertain.


As Europe continues to debate the future of digital currencies, her support for Bitcoin could push the conversation forward.


Her views may help drive interest in Bitcoin while raising questions about how it will fit into existing financial structures. By educating other politicians about Bitcoin, she hopes to create a more informed and positive environment for Bitcoin in Germany.


Proposed legislation by Joana Cotar aims to establish Bitcoin as a legal tender in Germany. If passed, businesses would be obligated to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and individuals could use the cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services. However, it is still unclear how this legislation would impact other cryptocurrencies or if it would extend to the entire European Union.