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What's the Future of BNB After Huge Binance Shake-Up

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
A person holding the BNB coin
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BNB value dropped 15% after Binance CEO resigned amid $4.3B SEC plea deal, causing trader uncertainty and distrust.

FTX's token FTT surged 16% in 24 hours, while BNB declined 13%, trading at $235.


A person holding the BNB coin
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Following the bombshell news of Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, stepping down amidst a colossal $4.3 billion plea deal with the SEC, Binance Coin (BNB) has taken a substantial hit.


The news sent shockwaves throughout the crypto sphere, causing a massive 15% plunge in BNB's value. The sudden departure of CZ sparked considerable uncertainty and doubt among traders, resulting in a huge distrust in BNB, the native token of the exchange.


The aftermath of this announcement led to a flurry of activity and market reactions, with the sentiment around BNB turning increasingly bearish.


Despite a slight recovery from its initial 15% loss, BNB struggled to surpass the $230 mark, reflecting a 9.47% drop within 24 hours. Technical indicators at TradingView continued to signal a sell-off for BNB, amplifying concerns about its short-term performance in the market.

Shift in Trader Sentiment: FTT's Meteoric Rise and BNB's Downturn

Interestingly, as the dust settled following CZ's resignation, the altcoin market saw a shift in trading patterns.


FTX's native token, FTT, experienced an unexpected surge of 16% within 24 hours, contrasting starkly with BNB's 13% decline, trading at $235 at the time of reporting.


While many attributed BNB's decline solely to CZ's exit, broader market trends revealed a shrinking market cap for altcoins. Notably, some traders shifted their focus from BNB to FTX's FTT, indicating a palpable change in sentiment within the crypto sphere.


This trend caught the attention of analytical firms like Santiment, underscoring the ongoing shift in trader preferences and investment strategies.


Coinglass reported substantial liquidation of both long and short positions for BNB, totaling millions in transactions. Furthermore, options volume for BNB surged significantly, reaching millions, accompanied by a substantial boost in open interest for options, indicating considerable market volatility and uncertainty surrounding BNB's future trajectory.

Analysis and Future Implications for BNB and FTT

The unexpected surge in FTX’s FTT and the decline in BNB’s price have sparked numerous discussions about the future of these cryptocurrencies and the broader market. CZ's exit from Binance, has set off alarm bells within the industry.

The CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao on an interview
Changpeng Zhao | Binance YouTube

While some experts speculate that CZ’s resignation may be linked to mounting regulatory pressures, particularly from the DOJ, others perceive it as a strategic move to steer Binance toward regulatory compliance and a more transparent future.

Uncertainty Prevails: BNB's Path Ahead

As the cryptocurrency market grapples with CZ's departure, the trajectory of BNB and FTT remains uncertain. Traders and investors closely monitor these developments, anticipating their lasting impact on the crypto ecosystem.


FTX’s FTT has demonstrated its potential to compete vigorously in the market, attracting traders seeking alternatives amid BNB's tumultuous period. However, the volatile nature of the crypto market demands caution, urging investors to conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

Legal Turmoil and Market Volatility: BNB's Uncertain Road Ahead

CZ's departure and Binance's agreement to a hefty $4 billion settlement following charges of regulatory violations have deeply shaken the crypto market. Prosecutors accused Binance of facilitating illicit activities due to inadequate oversight, leading to CZ’s resignation as part of the settlement terms.


The aftermath of these events led to a huge liquidity drop on Binance, with concerns raised about order book liquidity across major cryptocurrencies. This liquidity crunch heightens risks for traders and raises apprehensions about market stability.

BNB Price Forecast Amidst Regulatory Upheaval

As the future price of BNB hangs in the balance, previously projected price estimates are being revisited in light of CZ's exit and the penalties imposed on Binance. While predictions suggested BNB reaching impressive highs, recent events cast doubt on these projections, emphasizing the unpredictability of the market.


Looking ahead, the fate of BNB remains uncertain, dependent on Binance's ability to navigate this challenging phase, maintain compliance, and restore market confidence.