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Forget Pepe! Check Out the Top 4 Trending Coins on DEXTools

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Man unbuttons his shirt to reveal coins
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Man unbuttons his shirt to reveal coins



Pepe was one of the top cryptocurrencies that hit the crypto market this year; it was called the new king of meme coins for many weeks before its decline. Nevertheless,

It's concerning to see how rapidly Pepe's decline has happened, resulting in many investors withdrawing from their positions. As a response, numerous tokens are emerging, primarily built on the decentralized ecosystem.

Brace yourself as we share some of the best DEXTools trending coins you might want to buy and make profits. 


1. UnleashClub (UNLEASH) 

UnleashClub (UNLEASH)  is one of the top 4 DEXTools trending coins and is absolutely ready to carry out exploits. The newly created altcoin was listed on June 17th on Uniswap, followed by Bitget, CoinW, and MEXC.

Thanks to the new listings, UnleashClub (UNLEASH) has gained more traction in the market, resulting in a significant increase in its market capitalization and price. With a DEXTscore of 88/99 and over 800 thousand US dollars in liquidity, UNLEASH has proven to be a strong contender since its inception.Not much is known about this project; the developers claim they are investing their time to create massive use cases for the token. 


2. Planet 

Considering other DEXTool Uniswap coins, Planet is doing pretty well and has a high potential to grow into a more useful and profitable token. It has been listed on DEXTools since May, and it has been trending on the platform since that time. At the time of writing, it has been in hot 5 on DEXTools.

This altcoin has been listed on coinmarketcap.com, and has a market capitalization of nearly 80 million USD. DEXTools and Coinmarketcap.com aren't the only platforms where Planet is listed, as BitMart and MEXC are also included.

Regarding liquidity, Planet is doing pretty well on DEXTools, as it has close to $5 million in liquidity with a DEXTscore of 99/99. However, this is another mysterious cryptocurrency, as even the full tokenomics haven't been revealed by the developers. 


3. 4CHAN

4CHAN is another DEXTools Uniswap token that is doing pretty well and can be an excellent investment for traders. The token has been listed in Uniswap, and it boasts of a strong community committed to seeing the success of the token.

One of the few things to know about the 4CHAN token was that it was listed on Uniswap on May 1st, although it has not been listed on any major exchange such as Binance or Coinbase.

The token is still in its developmental stages, so it might be the perfect opportunity to buy, depending on what you want. There's also a 99/99 DEXTscore to its name, more than 900 thousand liquidity, and more than $18 million market cap. 


4. AiDoge

AiDoge is one of the top DEXTools trending coins that was just listed in Uniswap as early as late as 19th June. As the name suggests, it is a meme coin similar to Dogecoin, aimed at artificial intelligence.

Despite being late in this list, AiDoge has been doing very well within the few months of its existence. This token is also listed on MEXC under the ticker $AI2 and has a DEXTscore of 99/99. The market cap and the liquidity of this token are also pretty good at more than $8 million and $1 million, respectively. From what the developers say, the token and the whole ecosystem already have some excellent use cases.