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Fans Will "Travel the World" With Snoop Dogg When They Get His New NFT

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Famous rapper Snoop Dogg is one of the best-known entertainers in the crypto industry. Starting when the NFT market experienced a considerable surge, the rapper became an active investor and has even grown to launch his own NFT collections. 


Recently, due to his upcoming show, the rapper has minted new NFTs that would serve his fans several uses. The NFT collection is named Snoop Dogg Passport, giving his fans the right to access some of this content and concert. Depending on how many they purchase, fans can use this Snoop Dogg Passport to get exclusive content and opportunities for his upcoming concert tour. In some cases, this new Snoop Dogg NFT album pass would be used to access some of his albums. 


The new NFTs were minted on the Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum and sold for 0.025 ETH. The Snoop Dogg Passport NFTs are currently worth around $43 when converted to US dollars. The distribution of the new NFTs is not capped, meaning that users can purchase as many as 100 NFTs at one buy.


The new NFTs were termed "evolving digital tour collectibles," which would be used to access some  of the behind-the-scenes footage and content tied to Snoop Dogg’s "High School Reunion Tour." The High School Réunion Tour is one of the rapper's upcoming events involving some other famous rappers such as Wiz Khalifa, Too $hort, and Warren G, among others.

Fans to Travel Around the World With Snoop 

While speaking about the new development, Snoop Dogg said he has always admired the crypto industry and is a pioneer. The new NFTs Snoop Dogg is minting would have many uses, such as unlocking access to merchandise, ticket sales, and music Playlists. 


Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg (Shutterstock)


Artists like Terrell Jones and the pseudonymous Coldie and Alien Queen have contributed pieces to the NFTs Snoop Dogg would release for his upcoming tour. The new Snoop Dogg Passport was created in collaboration with Transient Labs, a deal brokered by talent agency WME. 


"With the Passport series, I can give my fans the opportunity to travel the world with me—no one’s ever done that. I’ve always been a pioneer, and digital merch is part of the future. I’m hoping other artists can see what I’m doing and continue to innovate on their own," Snoop Dogg said in a statement. 

Not the First Time in the NFT Space 

The new Snoop Dogg Passport NFTs are not the first the prominent rapper is launching a creation in the digital world. Snoop Dogg's involvement in the NFT music business model goes back to 2021 when he recreated his mansion at Sandbox.


This was when NFTs and metaverse rose in 2021, and the new launch generated a lot of expectations in the market. Even a plot of land close to that of Snoop at Sandbox was sold at $450,000. NFTs hold a ton of utility and artists in the entertainment industry and quickly adopting it.


"We're going to do multiple things with him. The next campaign is going to be around selling LAND with Snoop Dogg, and then we have this big concert. We sold 1000 tickets, and it's coming early next year," Mathieu Nouzareth, board member of The Sandbox, said.