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Explained: How FIFA World Cup 2022 Will Impact the Crypto Ecosystem

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay |

The countdown for the FIFA world cup 2022 has already begun, and many people eagerly wait for their favorite country teams to participate in the tournament. 

The biggest sporting event in the world of football will last for about a month and has sponsors from different industries, including tech, finance, and the crypto industry. Crypto.com is among the tournament's primary sponsors, which will greatly boost the crypto community. 

Photo by pixabay

Football and crypto have had a close relationship with each other, and fans from both sides will be looking to benefit from this relationship. 

There are positive feelings from the crypto community that the FIFA world cup 2022's impact on the industry will greatly improve how the world perceives the crypto industry. With Crypto.com leading the front line, there are expectations of increased awareness and adoption of the crypto industry. 

From the figures professionals and analysts are putting out, those who are the event's main sponsors are liable to get up to 5 billion people viewing their advertisements. 

This means the adverts for Crypto.com will reach many people and potentially be viewed by about 5 billion people worldwide. This will potentially increase the crypto adoption rate as many of the audience want to try out the new and budding industry. When many people are aware of crypto, it benefits the entire crypto ecosystem. 

The FIFA World Cup 2022's Impact on The Crypto Ecosystem 

The 2nd official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup (source: Crypto.com)

With the current, gloomy crypto market, the FIFA world cup will be a great marketing strategy for the crypto industry to attract more users. 

For a massive crypto adoption to take place in the ecosystem, there has to be a massive promotion campaign that can reach billions of people, and the world cup has the perfect description. 

Even judging by the previous tournament in Russia, it also increased the number of people who became aware of the crypto industry. 

Since the creation of Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies have emerged from the industry, continuing the original goal of bringing innovation to the financial industry. 

To further reach this goal and achieve more milestones, football and crypto might have to come together through the FIFA world cup to create an enabling environment for crypto adoption. With the reach of advertising on the world cup, crypto advertisers are sure to reach more than half of the world's population. 

During and after the tournament, many crypto experts expect that the FIFA world cup 2022's impact will drive the much-needed mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Apart from mass adoption, the World Cup is also expected to positively impact the price of sports-related cryptocurrencies such as Chiliz and even toward a number of fan tokens.

3 Reasons Why the FIFA World Cup Will be a Great Event for Crypto Promotion

There are certain reasons why the crypto community believes the FIFA world cup will positively impact the crypto ecosystem. They include the following:

  1. The FIFA World Cup is a Global Event 

The FIFA world cup is an event with teams from all continents participating in the tournament. So many people from Africa, Europe, Asia, North, South, and Central America, and other parts of the world will tune in to watch the event. 

When there is a crowd from different backgrounds as this, it will help to drive the message of the crypto industry to those who haven't come across it in the past. 

  1. It is a Highly Publicized Event 

The media coverage of the world cup is not seen from time to time; in fact, it happens only in each edition of the tournament. 

Both local and international media groups scramble to get the best coverage of the tournament, giving crypto advertisers the best shot at promotion. 

  1. The Event Sets Trends 

FIFA World Cup 2022's impact can't be underestimated as it is an event known to set trends in every industry. With Crypto.com as a primary sponsor of the event, there are expectations that their advertisement will drive many non-crypto users to try the industry.