The reality is that millions of people are being deceived by projects that are offering utility like metaverse avatars, physical merch, events, and more only to end up losing thousands of dollars to false promises. (examples: Lana Rhoades $1.5M Bored, Bunny $6M Pixelmon, $70M)
At this time period, people have matured and the awareness of red flags such as no white paper, no clear roadmap/Tockenomics, no website, the smart contract is not public, and so forth… are being acknowledged. Thus the only thing that remains is having real use!

The community needs some real utility!

Real Utility :
The real utility is having a practical use either in the physical world as passive income or in the virtual world as a video game asset.

The idea :

  • Porn sites are generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year.
  • Hentai is the most viewed category since 2019

Imagine having a piece of that! Potential is in the sky!

Don’t imagine. Take part. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Meet Non-Fungible Tits Club :

A project that’s about infusing emotion and erotica into the virtual world…NFTITS will feature a Hentai porn site and a sex-emulator which will be public,15% of the revenues will be distributed to the owners through smart contracts.
Owners will also get full access to both porn-site and sex-emulator among other benefits and rewards for being the first owners.

As a project hunter, I’m always active on social media mainly Twitter. To be honest, I’ve encountered the project in a tweet, I was intrigued by the 3D art, anime-style waifus and at first, it seemed “just another project”. I soon discovered that
Non-Fungible Titd Club” is going to be HUGE. One of the few projects I’ve seen who have real practical utility no red flags, even one with great potential. Besides having a role in the growth of that multi-million porn industry in the Metaverse, since the only content is digital (Drawing & 3D) the part where women are being traded and abused is not taking part For humans, sexual desires will never disappear thus the consumption will never dissipate, so using NFTits will decrease that, on my behalf that’s something to be proud of.
To conclude I strongly suggest that you need to be part, the potential is so immense that missing this opportunity is a waste.


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