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Ethereum's NFT Card Game 'Gods Unchained' Arrives on Android and iPhone

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Gods Unchained trailer screenshot
Photo | Gods Unchained/YT

When considering a choice of device for a confident and wholesome gaming experience, qualities like a bigger screen, more storage capacity, and better feeling and handling experience stand out for avid gamers in the gaming space.


Mobile phones have considered these, churning out bigger and better gaming experiences with the newer models of smartphones. 


Recently, gamers have advanced from a bunch of young folks glued to their PCs to smart young ones fiddling with their smartphones on the go without having to miss any action for reasons of portability and convenience.


Mobile gaming has created itself in the crypto gaming ecosystem, thereby becoming a niche on its own. 


Statistics have shown a sharp increase in the number of mobile gamers, with a large estimation of over $200 billion in 2023. Though PC games seem phasing out, their advantages are well-noted and undisputed.


Ethereum's NFT Card Game 'Gods Unchained' Now Available on Playstore and App Store


The advent of Non-Fungible tokens has made gaming much more lucrative and addictive since it has become an additional source of income for most and an avenue to unwind from the hustle of the day. 


Franchises like Gods Unchained Cards are included in the subtle migration to mobile devices.


It was announced by Immutable Games on Wednesday that the migration to mobile devices is to open a new fantasy-based tactical game on the go for mobile device users.


This move will undoubtedly take gaming to every corner of the town without any room to miss an action.


In his words, Executive Director Daniel Paz said, "your mobile is probably one of your most important devices, which is why it was important for us to give players the freedom to choose where they want to play, whenever they want.”


He added,  “For anyone who has ever wanted to play a quick game on the go, Gods Unchained Mobile now makes it possible.”


Last year, after careful consideration, the decision was made to create a mobile version of God's Unchained Cards.


Tests were successful on Android, and the mobile app is expected to include features such as mutable Passport wallet integration, ranked and casual play, and a deck-building tool.


2018 saw the initial launch of Gods Unchained on the Immutable X scaling network after it migrated from the Ethereum network for much cheaper and easier transactions. The games have since pulled in a whopping $350 million NFT sales. 


Gods Unchained has faced its wave of lashes in the gaming ecosystem. One such is the prompt removal and return of the game from the Epic Games Store after it was supposed to have broken some rules and was flagged as an adult-only game. 


The impact of God's unchained move to mobile devices will be greatly appreciated when gamers realize they can keep us entertained with fun and fantasy even on the go and in different screen sizes. The convenience will top the charts of why this NFT game will see a surge of gamers.