I had a dream about becoming a millionaire in a couple of months like every 21 old dudes you see on social media and as you reckon, I discovered that it is not easy at all.

For the past 6 six months, I`ve been deeply studying the NFT space. I invested and bought a lot of NFTs, trending coins, and even staking platforms. I tried Flipping NFTs, Buying the “Deep” and more tips and tricks on how to make “easy money”, some showed success in 5 figure numbers, and some made major losses. Balance is important and I soon discovered that there is no such thing as “easy money”, the real way involves making a steady income. 

You’ll be surprised about how many platforms can make you that steady stream of $$$,

Axie Infinity offers a game and a staking platform as well as PancakeSwap and Uniswap are great ways of making those sweet $$$.

Recently I found a platform that literally doubled my crypto in a matter of hours. At first, Maticplay.io seemed like another gambling site but I found a method in which chances are in my favor!

Maticplay features a coin flip game, which means it’s a 50/50 chance of doubling your bet however with my method, your chances of winning are much higher.

How the game works :

In their app, you can bet from 5 to 160 $MATIC. Normally you’ll try your luck on what bet you’re willing to risk, tough using some quick math I managed to yield a lot of profits, and here’s how it goes :

In theory, as it’s 50/50, by betting on the same side, every time you lose your chances of winning is doubled, why? Because we are going for double or nothing, doubling the bet each loss means that whenever we win the gains are still greater than what we lost.

In practice, you can start my method with as little as 16 $MATIC altho, starting with greater amounts like 350 $MATIC give you better chances as you can go as far as 6 tries.

For example, let’s say HEADS is my lucky side, first, bet on 5 $MATIC winning proves that HEADS is my lucky side :). (chance of losing is 1/2).

let’s say we lost, staying on HEADS but this time we’re betting 10 $MATIC, winning this round makes a profit of 5 $MATIC. (this time as I lost the last round chance of losing is 1/4).

Let’s say were unlucky and lost another round, still, we keep on doubling (20 $MATIC) as winning means we’re still making profits. (This time, the chance of losing 2nd round is 1/8, the 3rd is 1/16, and so forth… )

In short, with this method, your chances of losing are 1/64 which is about ~ 1.562%!

How to win the game

But is Maticplay.io is safe?

First of all, DYOR!

Actually, I saw a tweet of someone that doubled 20 $MATIC and this got me. At first, I had my FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) but no red flags were waving in the open.
I started digging and saw activity on social media, they were nicely done. I’ve also dug at Polyscan and found a deployed contract and of course, all the past bets that went through the coin flip contract (the developers took safety measurements to keep themself private which TBH sounds fair as this “playground” is highly known as hostile and dangerous) but since everything looked awesome I gave it a try. No surprise on my behalf, experience is great and I’m having a great time gaining profits, 265 $MATIC till now – Lucky me haha 🙂

Here are my 6 simple steps to double your crypto : 

  1. Go to Maticplay.io
  2. Sign in with your Metamask
    (they also embedded links to add Polygon-mainnet to your wallet and even Polybridge which is super nice as I didn’t have any $MATIC on hand) 
  3. Choose your lucky side
  4. Use my method 
  5. Flip
  6. Gain! 🙂


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