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Doge Army Tackles Elon Musk, Questions His Doge Loyalty

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Old Twitter logo and the new X logo
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Old Twitter logo and the new X logo



The Twitter rebranding has occurred, and many individuals are still adjusting to the change. Elon Musk is known for his ability to make headlines, and he recently made news regarding the rebranding. Twitter has abandoned its well-known bird logo in favor of a plain X logo, a move that hasn't really impressed the Doge community. 


The Twitter rebranding goes beyond just a new logo. Elon Musk has announced plans to expand the platform's scope to include other industries, such as payment and banking services, in addition to social media. This move has generated excitement within the crypto industry, as there is hope that cryptocurrencies will be integrated into Twitter's payment systems. If this happens, it could have a significant impact on the industry.


Moving on, some members of the cryptocurrency industry are unhappy with the recent change to the Twitter logo. Specifically, the Doge community has expressed their disappointment with the new design. Many of those who are dissatisfied feel that Elon Musk should have kept the interim logo, which featured the Dogecoin symbol. 


If you've been following the crypto industry for the past four months, you may have noticed a logo change that occurred earlier this year. Elon Musk made a sudden switch on Twitter, changing the logo from a bird to a shiba inu which represented Dogecoin.


If you were present at the time, you would have seen how the change in Twitter's logo was a sight to behold for Dogecoin. The meme coin experienced a significant boost in the form of a massive bull market that sent its price skyrocketing to unprecedented heights. Given the overall state of the crypto market at the beginning of the year, this was a significant development for Dogecoin.


Now, the Doge army says the new Twitter logo should have been that of Dogecoin. Just like Elon Musk did so earlier this year. In fact, many of those supporting Dogecoin find the new Twitter logo, X, to be a betrayal of the Dogecoin community.


Considering Elon Musk's close relationship with the Doge community, it is no surprise that they can easily reach out to Elon Musk. Elon Musk's social media activity has seen him engaging with many Dogecoin fan accounts and reposting their content. Elon Musk himself says Dogecoin is his favorite cryptocurrency. 


Immediately after Elon Musk posted an animation showing the new Twitter logo, Dogecoin fans filled the comment section. 


One of them posted a picture of the earlier Dogecoin Twitter logo with the caption, "Why did you abandoned me ?" 


Twitter post from Wolfonaire


But whatever that is going on between the Dogecoin community and Elon Musk, it is surely not affecting Dogecoin's price. 

Dogecoin Price Update After Twitter Rebrand 

Since Elon Musk announced Twitter's rebrand, Dogecoin has been in paradise. The price charts for the day, weeks, and months have been constantly filled with bulls. The bears stand no chance, and it is obvious. 


At the time of writing, the Dogecoin price chart within the past 24 hours has increased by close to 2%. This makes Dogecoin's price stand at a whopping $0.078. There are even speculations that it might enter into the $0.1 range. 


Nevertheless, the crypto community continues to watch. The weekly chart is undoubtedly making many other cryptocurrencies jealous. It has increased by more than 12% in the past week. Perhaps, The climax is the monthly charts, which have increased by more than 21%.