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Do Kwon Unfazed By Interpol Threats, Makes Return to Twitter

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terra Network and Terraform Labs, has returned to Twitter despite threats from Interpol. 

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor Office Financial and Securities Crime Unit Confirmed in a statement that Interpol had issued a red Notice to the South Korean developer. 

Issuing a red notice means that police officers worldwide would be on the move to "locate and provisionally arrest" Do Kwon until he is deported. 

It seems that Do Kwon isn't the only Terraform executive who was issued a red notice. YTN has reported that five other executives of the Terraform labs have been added to Interpol's red notice list. 

Despite the ongoing investigations and efforts by the international police to arrest him, it seems like Do Kwon isn't concerned with the current situation. 

The Terraform co-founder has returned to Twitter and told his followers that he is not making any effort to hide from the International police. 

"Yeah as I said im making zero efforts to hide. I go on walks and malls, no way none of CT hasn't run into me the past couple weeks," Do Kwon said on his Twitter page.

Since his return to Twitter, everything indicates that the LUNC founder isn't bothered by the efforts to arrest him. He even cracks jokes and shares memes with his followers, including those who constantly make jest of him.


Is Do Kwon Assets Safe?

Despite the cheerful facade that LUNC co-founder has continued to put out to the public, all might not be well with Do Kwon as the freezing of assets had already begun. 

Starting from his native South Korea, it seems like that Terraform co-founder is getting stripped of his assets. 

It has been reported that Do Kwon's prosecutors are already freezing up Bitcoin and other assets that they think to belong to the South Korean developer. 

According to YTN, the coins belonging to Do Kwon have been discovered and kept in an exchange that is currently anonymous to the public. The exchange is said to cooperate with the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors Office. 

Apart from the crypto exchange in South Korea, other major crypto exchanges like OKX and Kucoin have been ordered to freeze up assets traced to Do Kwon.

Coindesk reported that authorities in South Korea have requested that about 3313 Bitcoin, worth around $67 million, be frozen.

According to Coindesk Korea, the Bitcoin found in OKX and Kucoin was transferred to the exchanges shortly after the arrest warrant of Do Kwon was issued. 

Do Kwon's Current Location 

The location of Do Kwon is still yet to be confirmed by the international police, although they are rumors. 

It was reported that authorities in South Korea have already attempted to cancel Do Kwon's passport, which will prevent him from entering other countries. 

It was assumed that Do Kwon was residing in Singapore, but further investigations have proved that such speculation was wrong. 
Local police in Singapore have reported that the Terraform co-founder is not residing in the country and is obviously on the run.