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DefiLlama Leadership Scuffle Cause Website Split, One Founder Goes Extreme

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
DefiLlama logo

DefiLllama, a decentralized finance data site, is currently in a huge mess as they are experiencing problems with the project's leadership. Although it is common, it was quite surprising that a growing project such as DefiLlama would have leadership issues. According to information released by one of the team leaders, one of them was trying to launch a token in DefiLlama's name against the will of other team members. In the bid to cancel the launch of the token, the majority of the team members now resulted in creating a new website. 

Although it was initially launched circa October 2020 at defillama.com, most of the team members have created a different website similar to that of the original DefiLlama. Named llama.fi, the website was created to look exactly like the original and will now serve temporarily as the main website for DefiLlama. 

What happened? 

0xngmi, one member of the DefiLlama project, said on Twitter that the problem came from their team members who wanted to run a hostile takeover of the company. Oxngmi explained that the outcast team member was trying to launch a token in DefiLlama's name without their approval. 

"The DefiLlama team is forking Defillama


 is undergoing a hostile takeover

There is an ongoing attempt to launch a token that does not represent us. We don't want to be associated with it

Use http://llama.fi and @llamadotfi instead!" Oxngmi said on Twitter

He also added that one of the team members that controlled their original website and Twitter account wanted to create a new token in DefiLlama's name. Most of the team leaders disagreed with the token, leading to a hostile takeover from the outcast team member. "The person who controls both defillama’s Twitter and domain has decided to launch a token despite everybody in the team not wanting it," Oxngmi added. 

He also admonished the fans of DefiLlama to disregard any communications from the original website or their former Twitter channel." That is why we (the DefiLlama team who have built the site you all know and love for the past three years) have decided to fork Defillama and start fresh on http://llama.fi and 




 or Defillama .com," Oxngmi said. 

Will DefiLlama Survive? 

Currently, the original website of DefiLlama and the newly created one offer the same services they have done in the past. 

They display the top DeFi projects in the crypto industry and their statistics. However, the question remains whether the newly created website for DefiLlama will attract the same number of users as the original one. One clear thing is that the newly designed website has the backing of most team members. And their support could help to prove its legitimacy. 

Most owners have already warned on Twitter that they should avoid any pending communications from the old website when the issue is rectified. It also needs to be made clear when the outcast team will take full advantage of the DefiLlama chains of users to launch the new token. 

But the new scuffle between the two aggrieved team leaders would make some people look for DefiLlama alternatives.