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Chase Customers Can Now Pay Mortgage with Crypto - Here's How

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Chase bank logo displayed on an office building
Chase Bank | Frugal Flyer/Unsplash


A Canadian crypto payment platform "FCF Pay" made an announcement a few days ago about its integration of Chase Bank support into its Bills Service. This exciting development allows millions of Chase Bank customers to pay mortgages with crypto, ranging from popular cryptocurrencies such as SHIB, DOGE, BNB, BTC, ETH, and XRP.


This cryptocurrency mentioned above can also be used to pay off loans or credit cards; this is an amazing opportunity for crypto lovers to enjoy the smooth process of transacting through cryptocurrencies with ease.


Without so much ado, let's look into the details of this collaboration and shed more light on the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency in the financial sector.


FCF Pay Colab With Chase Bank For Crypto Mortgage Payments


A few days ago, an announcement was made by the leading crypto payment service in Canada, "FCF Pay", to give Chase bank users the opportunity to pay mortgages with crypto.


This news was made via their official X handle (formally Twitter), which is now under suspension after Chase Bank confirmed they have no affiliation with FCF pay.


FCF Pay X post
FCF claimed Chase Bank customers can pay mortgage with crypto | X


This is an opportunity for all crypto users to explore Chase Bank mortgage crypto payment options and enjoy swift and fast transactions with low fees.


FCF Pay has made a significant impact on all Chase Bank customers who love transacting using crypto by adding Chase Bank support to its Bills Service and to all those who haven't transacted using cryptocurrencies.


This might be the opportunity for them to explore Chase Bank mortgage crypto payment options. However, with Chase Bank joining the crypto revolution, all its users can now make use of their favorite cryptocurrency to make payments.


Chase Bank customers can now enjoy the benefits of digital currencies while conducting regular payments through their trusted banking institution.


The amazing part is FCF Pay's Crypto Bills service offers users a convenient and secure method to manage their finances and pay bills to over 20,000 major American companies and with Chase Bank!


Customers can leverage cryptocurrencies to pay off their mortgages, credit card bills, and loans.


However, this development also signifies a mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, including popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Understanding The Settlement Process


Chase Bank is a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase that has partnered with "FCF Pay", a Canadian blockchain payments processor, providing users the opportunity to pay mortgages with crypto.


This partnership aligns Chase Bank with the growing list of financial institutions that have integrated digital currencies into their services. However, Chase Bank acknowledges the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the financial sector.


While Chase Bank now allows customers to pay their mortgage and credit card bills using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the likes, it is important to understand that Chase Bank maintains its stance of settling payments in fiat currency rather than cryptocurrencies.


And guess what? FCF Pay acts as a mediator, processing cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on behalf of customers.


Meanwhile, the final settlements with Chase Bank are conducted in traditional fiat currency as this ensures that Chase Bank operates within the established frameworks of the traditional finance sector.

Final Thought

Chase Bank's partnership with FCF Pay to facilitate cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin and the likes for mortgages, loans, and credit cards reflects the adoption of digital currencies in the financial industry.


While Chase Bank supports the use of popular cryptocurrencies through FCF Pay's platform, FCF Pay continues to settle Chase Bank in fiat currency, maintaining its adherence to traditional financial systems.


As Chase Bank integrated blockchain technology into its services and expanded its payment options, the future of cryptocurrencies in the banking sector looks promising.


What is your opinion regarding this good news about the Chase Bank mortgage crypto payment method?