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Cardano Launched A Release That Could Make It More Resource-Efficient — May 10x in 2023

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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Cardano price depicted on the screen of a laptop
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Cardano (ADA) is set to become more than ten times more resource and power efficient after a group of community members made a new release. A Twitter user shared details of an upcoming development in the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem and how it could change the outlook of the Cardano network. 

This new release is a programming language that could change the narrative in the way Cardano (ADA) leverages its power and resources. The new programming language will make it better for smart contracts to run in the network at a faster and cheaper rate. Those behind this Cardano roadmap creation say it could be ten times faster than its current programming language. The new release becomes an addition to the already incredible development of the blockchain.

Cardano (ADA) enthusiast Alessandro Konrad (@berry_ales on Twitter) was the one who used the Aiken language to rebuild the Nebula app. Another Twitter user with the username @matiwinnetou said the new programming language could change how many things will run on the Cardano ecosystem. He even predicts that it could even affect ADA coin prices positively. 

"1/ @berry_ales re-wrote Nebula from PlutusTx to Aiken. The numbers are shocking.

This is not even funny. When we say that Aiken is one of Cardano's dark horses for 2023 - what we mean is not only an easier development experience (c-alike functional syntax without mutability)," @matiwinnetou said on Twitter. 

He also mentioned that although the figures he showed might not make sense to the average human being, it simply means that the Cardano ecosystem is set to get better if the new programming language is implemented." The significance of this may not be clear to all of you by reading the table above but in practice, it means that Aiken scripts are and will be when it is main-net ready an order of magnitude cheaper, smaller, and less resource intensive," @matiwinnetou added. 

Aiken More Effective than Plutus 

Plutus is the smart contract platform on the  Cardano blockchain, and it is currently the medium through which developers can build apps and interact with the ecosystem. But with the development of the Aiken language, Plutus is set to be replaced as data shows Aiken is more effective and less expensive to run than Plutus. 

When things like memory usage, CPU resource consumption, and network fees are evaluated, the metrics show that Aiken is far ahead of Plutus. "With the advent of CIP-33, being less resource intensive in terms of size may not matter much, but being less resource intensive in terms of MEM, CPU, and fee a user has to pay is huge. Smart Contract Developers will be able to write more advanced smart contract scripts," @matiwinnetou explained on Twitter. 

Of course, fans and community members of the Cardano blockchain are very excited about the new development, as it can help the network stay at the forefront of the crypto industry. Cardano native token, ADA coin price has suffered a lot of bearish trend since last year. But since 2023 started, it has been showing signs of resuscitation, and the new release might help to increase its price.