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Bitcoin Whale Resurrects After 10 Years, Moves $60M Worth of Coins

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Whale symbols swimming around a bitcoin, background: trading chart

A dormant BTC whale, who has been lying low for close to 10 years, has suddenly awakened and has transferred $60 million worth of Bitcoin to another wallet. This information was revealed by Blockchain tracker Lookonchain, who also specified the wallet address and the last time a transaction was conducted using the address. Apparently, this whale's last transaction before going dormant for many years was in December 2013. However, the wallet became active in 2023 after transferring 2,071.5 Bitcoin worth approximately $60.7 million to another wallet. 

Specifically, the whale's wallet received 6,071.48 Bitcoin on December 19, 2013, when the price was $663. Then now, in 2023, it had transferred about 2,071.5 BTC, making the wallet balance to stay at a little under 4,000 Bitcoin. Blockchain tracker Lookonchain made the revelation on Twitter, saying, "A whale with 6,071.5 BTC ($178 million) that has been dormant for 9.3 years transferred 2,071.5 BTC ($60.7 million) out today.

And the 2,071.5 BTC was finally transferred to the address starting with ‘bc1q.’

The whale received 6,071.5 BTC on Dec 19, 2013, when the price was $663." 

Bitcoin Whale Made Massive Profits 

Comparing the Bitcoin price from when the Bitcoin Whale last made a transaction and the current Bitcoin price shows that whoever withdrew the Bitcoin is in massive profits. Most Bitcoin whales have been known for keeping their Bitcoin for a really long time before selling them off. This is the case of this Bitcoin whale who hasn't touched his Bitcoin for nearly 10 years before selling it off. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has been trading at a little over $28k, and the price difference from 2013 shows that BTC has recorded a 4,258% profit. This is simply massive as whoever had that Bitcoin instantly becomes a multimillionaire from selling only about 2,000 BTC. 

Data from Blockchain tracker Lookonchain also revealed traces of suspected unsuccessful Bitcoin hacks. Called dusting attacks, some traces of Bitcoin roughly worth a cent in the US dollar were sent to some wallets. But this is not significant as it only happens when someone is spying on a wallet for either educational or criminal intentions. Either way, it only shows how much money one could make from holding on to Bitcoin for a long while. The identity of the Bitcoin whale who has the wallet has not been traced yet. 

Satoshi Nakamoto, Suspected to be the Owner 

Analysts suspect that the new transaction from the dormant Bitcoin whale could be from the pseudonymous founder of the cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto. In most cases, many usually suspect long-dormant wallets to originate from Satoshi, who allegedly has thousands of Bitcoin in his possession. Since 2010, there has not been any traceable activity from the Bitcoin founder. 

The last time Satoshi Nakamoto had any activity online was in 2010 when he engaged on the Bitcoin Talk online forum. Blockchain researcher Sergio Lerner even says that the number of Bitcoin owned by the pseudonymous Bitcoin founder could run into millions. Right now, the identity of the recent whale who opened a dormant account is yet to be traced.