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Bitboy Flaunts New Identity, Now to be Known Just as 'Ben'

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Ben Armstrong takes a selfie outdoor
Ben Armstrong | BenArmstrongsX/X
Ben Armstrong takes a selfie outdoor
Ben Armstrong | BenArmstrongsX/X


Still remember when the crypto community was sent into a frenzy after the sudden announcement that Ben Armstrong, also known as Bitboy, would no longer be part of the Bitboy Crypto Company? It was pretty shocking because Ben Armstrong was the face of the crypto company.


Apparently, there were even some people who didn't know that Bitboy was actually a crypto company. They thought it was more of a personal brand. Ben Armstrong had his YouTube channel, known as BitBoy Crypto, and his social media accounts taken from him by the parent company threatening a lawsuit against him, Hit Network.


According to the reasons provided by this parent company, they decided concerning the ongoing "diet pill and steroid abuse" on the part of the popular Bitboy face. 

The Latest Development 

Right now, Ben Armstrong is back in a new beginning and will no longer bear his popular name of Bitboy Crypto. He wants to be known simply as Ben.


The crypto influencer acknowledged that some of the things the Hit Network said about him were actually true. Things like abusing diet and steroid pills were true. However, the influencer adds that these are the things of the past as he is already working to remove any traces of such abuse. 


In another YouTube video, Ben Armstrong narrated how Hit Network took many things away from him. He said he "lost everything" from the recent debacle with Hit Network. According to his words, one of the things the parent company took away from him was his signature Lamborghini.


"[Hit Network] took my Lamborghini from me because it was in the company name… they sold the Lamborghini out from under me," he narrated. But he added that he will try everything to get them back. "We’re gonna get it all back," he said on the video. 


The former Bitboy celebrity has also updated his Twitter profile bio, urging followers not to address him as 'Bitboy' anymore. His new bio now reads - "Don’t call me BitBoy anymore. My name is Ben Armstrong. Follow me if you like crypto and be a part of $BEN Nation."

More Clarification on the Situation 

In a Twitter Space, Ben Armstrong made some well-needed clarification regarding many things in his case. Before the debacle between this crypto influencer and the parent company, he was known for wearing some customized Gucci tracksuits.


These tracksuits bear his former name, Bitboy Crypto, written on many. Besides the tracksuits, he also has dozens of merchandise that he wore. So, a listener in this new space asked him not to get rid of the tracksuits and other merchandise he wore before parting ways with his former organization. 


In his reply, Ben Armstrong said he still doesn't have a clear picture of what he plans to do with those merchandise. However, he mainly intends to sell them off since he won't use them anyway.


"We’ll see what happens with the designer clothes, I may have to sell them all. That’s the place I’m in right now," Ben said.


Regarding the problem between the two, there's no lawsuit filed yet against him. There was only a threat from the Hit Network, and it seems Ben Armstrong isn't ready to challenge them. 


Another aspect of this issue is how the new development affects the price of Ben Armstrong's coins. Although it is currently down in the past 24 hours, the latest development surrounding Ben Armstrong has had an incredible effect on it for the past seven days. In the weekly charts, it is up by more than 40%.